A First for the Old Forge Blue Devils

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OLD FORGE -- We're now just two days away from the big championship football game for Old Forge. For the first time in history, the team heads for Hershey tomorrow, but not before one last hurrah this morning.

It started off as an average assembly.

"Today we are going to have a very special program."

Old Forge elementary students accepting awards for good work and behavior. The anticipation built, the awards were handed out. But little do these kids know, there's another surprise in store.

The Old Forge High School football team showed up at a surprise pep rally for the students. The team's heading to state championships in Hershey for the first time in school history.

"This is amazing, seeing all these hundreds of kids coming out here with their support. It feels great, feels great seeing all them," said Old Forge senior Steve Mascaro.

The players shook hands and signed autographs for the little ones, proving to be hometown heroes, win or lose, especially for third grader Casey Holzman.

"It was awesome, seeing Shane and Bruno and Brandon and all the other football players," said third grader Casey Holzman.

It wasn't just young fans who got in the spirit. It was also a big day for die-hard fan Maggie Smicherko who works in the cafeteria, but is better known for her cheering.

"Have a safe trip. Let's bring Old Forge home the championship!" said cafeteria worker Maggie Smicherko.

It's a goal these football players are working towards for themselves and their fans.

"They're our biggest fans. They really look up to them, and we try to set a role model for them," said Old Forge senior Brandon Yescavage.

Little do these players know, they already have.

"I'm pretty sure that we're going to win," said Holzman.

The big game kicks off Friday afternoon in Hershey.