Suspected Drug Lab Forces Tenants Out

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PLYMOUTH — Dozens of people were forced out of their homes Tuesday afternoon in Luzerne County when investigators discovered a suspected drug lab inside a big apartment building.

That building is home to around two dozen people on Main Street in Plymouth.

Investigators from the state attorney general’s office raided the place Tuesday afternoon.

One man and two women were taken in to custody. Their names have not been released.

Authorities on the scene said the apartment housed an extensive methamphetamine lab.

Officials believe the three people in custody were making and selling meth.

Authorities said the building had been condemned a few years ago and code enforcement officers plan to inspect the place.

Residents of the building are being housed at the Plymouth fire department and being helped by the Red Cross.


  • Sean Daily

    this is why i keep my door locked here. not everybody is bad but the building itself is falling to pieces and the landlord takes forever to do anything. my ceiling has two missing ceiling tiles and a hole in the roof….with a constant drip. Im saving up and running like hell.

  • SexyWolf

    They only shut down the building last year for about a month supposly fixed everything but that was a joke. When I lived in the building it was full of mold, bugs, and tons of people selling and doing drugs there. The police did nothing and when you do get robbed on the third floor they still don’t do anything. How can you walk down a hall with a 50 inch tv and no one sees a dam thing…

  • Kelli Miller

    How can a building that was shut down still house people???? Sound like someone was sleeping on the job??????

  • Sean Daily

    yup. this crap just happened. And i live there….came home after working 11 hours to a goddamn condemning due to a freaking meth lab. Lived in the hood most of my life and never had a problem. Move to Plymouth PA (lived in nanticoke for 6 years prior) to a small apartment building that is now not only falling apart ( i have 20 gallons of water sitting in my living room due to a leak my landlord has yet to fix, pests, broken kitchen light and clogged drains) but a freaking meth lab? I moved out of nyc to get away from the crazy life. This is just outrageous.

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