Security Threat Causes Township to Move Meeting 80 Miles

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BANKS TOWNSHIP - A Township Supervisor and the Solicitor of a community in Carbon County say somebody threatened to hurt or even kill them at their next meeting.

Their response:  Moving that meeting 80 miles away to Harrisburg.

Solicitor Joe Woitko says the December meeting won't take place its usual spot, the Banks Township Street Department building in Treskow.

That's because of a call last week to Township Supervisor Walter Bobowski.

"The threat was very specific in nature," said Woitko.  "That one or more individuals were going to attack our security guard, one was going to attack Mr. Bobowski, and one was going to attack me."

Woitko and Bobowski say no one should take this threat lightly because of recent behavior at township meetings, which often turn into screaming matches, laced with personal insults.

In moving the meeting Banks Township leaders expect criticism.  When they move a meeting to Harrisburg, in December, and hold it in the middle of the day, very few members of the public will likely even make the drive to attend the meeting.

"Its nuts. Its crazy," said retired Dentist Joe Deblonde, who thinks township leaders are taking the easy way out, by shutting the public out.

"I think they should have more security and hold it here (in Banks Township)," said Deblonde

But Woitko says the shooting death of three people at a meeting in Ross Township in Monroe County in August, forced all communities to look at security in a differently.

Woitko says moving the meeting was the community's only choice.

"Regardless of the criticism, at the end of that criticism, we`ll still be alive," added Woitko.

The Banks Township meeting is officially scheduled for Friday December 20th, at the Hilton in Harrisburg at 1pm.

Voitko says the move will cost township taxpayers $424.


  • Dan

    Because someone crazy enough to attack and kill people at a public meeting wouldn’t make the effort to drive to Harrisburg.

    • a concerned banks township resident

      i jokingly stated i would personally rent a bus to take ALL the residents to this meeting in harrisburg. then i thought, oh boy, here i go, under “investigation” for making a threat, lol. but then i thought, hell, that’s a lot of money to pay for champagne, hats, noisemakers, food, etc. for the residents to celebrate our new supervisor and the end of the tyranny and other crap we’ve had to endure over the past two years. Then a very intelligent individual remarked to me, hey, let’s have a party here in tresckow and NOT ONE person attend their little meeting in harrisburg. because once they get word a bus is going to the meeting, they will cancel it at the last minute. even though there’s plenty of sightseeing to do in Harrisburg, can I afford all the entry fees to these places for everyone? lol soooooo, what should i do? any suggestions?

  • Janet Den Haese Anderson

    I’m in agreement that they could have made tighter security measures and held the meeting where it should be so the people can attend. I think a few police all dressed up in their swat gear would be enough to intimidate those that are considering an attack. Just the fact that they warned them shows that they had no intentions of showing up and doing anything.

    • a concerned banks township resident

      according to public knowledge, mr bobowski and woitko both have caller id and phone answering machines. why haven’t these so called threats been made available to the news agencies so they can be played for all to hear? oh right, “it’s under investigation.” lol, do you honestly believe, knowing as we do, that either of these individuals wouldn’t have been on their horses to the state attorney general with their accusations already? the state police? the carbon county district attorney? oh, that’s right, they need to go 50 miles out of the area to find someone with at least one shred of integrity or ethics to hear their plea for attention because apparently every professional within 50 miles has no idea what professionalism, integrity, or ethics means. sigh…how sad and pathetic this has become over the past two years here in banks township

    • a concerned banks township resident

      care to share some space on that pillow? lol if only their ploys weren’t so darn transparent. it could be sad or hilarious depending on your ability to discern logic and truth. after our last election, where the write in candidate got 10 votes out of roughly 325, hmmm, i wonder who truly is the sour grape in this bottle of moonshine?

  • antoinette

    You would think that if their lives were really threatened they would notify the state police. This is just another way to keep the people out of the meetings. Why go to Harrisburg why not hazleton? They woitko and bubowski are gone Dec 31 thank god. Another waste of taxpayer money.

    • a concerned banks township resident

      looks again like the innuendos, last chance grab for publicity is in full force, lol….thankfully, and hopefully, our banks township residents recognize the pathetic attempts of twisting truth these individuals use to twist all blame away from themselves, as usual. this is hopefully the end of a 2 year reign of ineptitude, gross misuse of governmental funds, unprofessionalism, and other rules of conduct these individuals break at every turn. To imply that anyone would want to waste their time or efforts to make any kind of threats or even actions against these Don Quixotes is laughable. They are simply not worth the time nor effort to afford them a minute more publicity. I will be the first however, to crack open a bottle of champagne when our new supervisor takes office!

    • a concerned banks township resident

      how true! although these individuals espouse individual constitutional rights, they are the first to deny them to others! you would think modern technology exists that the news agencies would have been contacted already by these individuals gloating over the arrests being made of the “threatening” person(s) !!! My only wish is that these individuals would ride off into the sunset like Don Quixote!!!!!

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