Officers Seize 17 Poodles in Schuylkill County

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QUAKAKE – Police and humane officers in Schuylkill County said a newspaper ad for free poodles led to the discovery of 17 dogs and a cat in deplorable conditions.

Officials with the Hillside SPCA told Newswatch 16 that the homeowner would only surrender three of the poodles, so police got a search warrant to go through the home on West Main Street in Quakake and seize the animals.

Betty Shickora told Newswatch 16 that she had recently spent time in the hospital, and was trying to give the dogs away, in case she got sick again.

“Oh my God, no,” said Shickora. “Why would I ever keep a sick or dead dog?”

SPCA officials said they did not find any dead dogs inside, but several of the 17 poodles appear to be sick and need to be checked out.

Authorities said they plan on filing criminal charges or citations because of the condition that the dogs were kept in.


  • tracey

    I am interested in adopting. Please if possible let me know when and if they can be. I have had poodles before and do to my immune system I must be careful….this is the perfect dog!

  • charlie

    These poodles are in demand and will be gone soon. Think of all the other dogs at Hillside and elsewhere who need adoption and would make great pets. Please consider adopting another shelter animal.

  • Mike

    All animal shelters need help, even if it’s food or blankets. The list of supplies is obviously endless but every little bit helps.

  • Dana Smith Mansell

    Thankfully the pups are safe, warm and fed at the shelter, however what the community hopefully will recognize is that this is an overwhelming task for the shelter! 17 dogs coming in at one time, some in need of medical care, ALL needing flea treatments, spays/neutering, grooming, baths, food, and just managment of a large group is a huge undertaking-which WILL of course be done, but it takes a “village” and the shelter needs community support big time for these precious little ones as well as continued support for those residents (dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs,rats) already living there. So many in need, please help!

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