ESU’s Snowy Finals Week

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EAST STROUDSBURG -- A snowy day might make a long week even longer for some young people in Monroe County.

The snow fell for the second time this week at East Stroudsburg University in Monroe County.  It makes for double the stress. Students have to get to campus and class in the snow.

It's also finals week.

ESU did not delay the start of classes when some snow started to fall Tuesday morning. Environmental Science major Steve Kinback is all right with that.

“That's just fine because I want to get it done with.  I want to get home on winter break, go home,” he said.

Kinback has one final on Tuesday and another Wednesday.

We met nursing student Tyson Searer on his way to an Intro to Nursing class final.  He worries more about traveling in the snow than taking the test.

It's not too fun walking through the snow to our class.  Final exams are stressful, but we've all studied hard, so hopefully we'll get the grades we deserve.”

Ashley Schneider was on her way to take that same final.  She's happy the administration didn't delay or postpone today's session.

“I want to get it over with. Snow or not, we're taking these finals.”

A university spokesman tells us more than two thirds of ESU's students live off campus and therefore had to travel to get there.

A university maintenance worker got rid of Monday’s leftover snow, and the new stuff that fell on Tuesday.  He could not remove the stress of traveling on snowy roads and final exam anxiety.

Finals wrap up later this week at East Stroudsburg University. Winter still has a few months left to go.