Attempted Abduction In Carbon County Under Investigation

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PENN FOREST TOWNSHIP — State police are trying to identify the person who tried to lure a girl into his vehicle twice in the past week in Carbon County.

Troopers say the man approached a 13-year-old girl after she got off the school bus at the intersection of Sweet Briar Lane and Behrens Road near Albrightsville.

Both times, he allegedly asked her if she wanted a ride home. The girl told police he was driving an older model, dark green vehicle with a strong exhaust odor.

Investigators said the suspect is a male, short, with a thin build, between 35-45 years of age with short gray and white hair and a beard.

If you saw anything, you’re asked to call state police at Lehighton at 610-377-4270.


  • Robert A.Weiss

    The importance of educating ourselves and our children what to do in dangerous situations can not be emphasized to much.With the efficiency todays generation possesses with cell phone use,the ability to INSTINCTIVELY take a picture,text,call,alert and post gps emergency and 911 should be adherent.Simulate such situations and practice proper responses with your children .

  • p passehl

    ugh i think at 13 a girl should NOT be having to walk Home alone…my opinion…and your sorta right george pavlosky- Myself and my daughter in law gave an older man who was walking along 209 with 3 grocery bags on each hand – i probably wouldnt of noticed him if it werent for me pulling out`from the side of the road across from him; walking along toward lehighton direction-the weather wasnt warm/ it was cold /rainy-i stopped pulling up saying you need a ride? he was appreciative and jumped in-took him to weissport `from the burger king on 209 to weissport…i could of looked at it as taking a risk…but he didnt ask- i asked him

  • Sharon Hoffman

    Regarding tonight’s talk back. Please don’t stop this part of the news. I look forward to it every night. But to the report about the GPS on bottles of pills from Pharmacies. I think the story should never have been aired. Now the chances of catching these thief’s are a little slimmer. Thank You

  • George Pavlosky Jr.

    How do you know it was an abduction attempt.. you guys label things even before the investigation is over.. Could have been some nice older gentleman that was offering a ride home since it has been snowing. But if the guy was a creeper, i hope they catch em…

    • Petrina Graaf

      oh come on, isnt it better to be safer & notify people what maybe attempted. Since I have a daughter, it is nice to know..

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