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Victim’s Wife Reacts To Alleged Thrill Killer Case

Posted on: 6:01 pm, December 9, 2013, by

SUNBURY — Two newlyweds from central Pennsylvania accused in a homicide case have been featured on news reports around the world since reports broke on Friday evening that they may have murdered a man in Sunbury simply for the thrill of the kill.

Media outlets from all over the world are referring to Elyette and Miranda Barbour as the “newlywed thrill killers” but for some people in Selinsgrove, they were simply known as new neighbors.

One neighbor says since the Barbors moved to Selinsgrove from North Carolina, he saw more police cars on their street.  Now he knows why.

Elyette and Miranda Barbour allegedly met a man on – an online classified advertising site – last month and killed him in Sunbury.  Police say Elyette told them they killed Troy LaFerrara because they just wanted to murder someone together.

It is a far cry from what he told reporters just one day earlier at his house in Selinsgrove.  Elyette went public, defending his new bride, who was charged with LaFerrara’s homicide early last week.

“I do not believe this was malicious. I believe she was attacked, and under those circumstances she took the necessary measure to defend herself,” Barbour said on Thursday.

According to police, Elyette Barbour was hiding under a blanket in the backseat of his wife’s car, and when the signal was given, he choked Troy LaFerrara while his wife stabbed him 20 times.laferrara mug

Troy LaFerrara’s wife Colleen did not want to go on camera, but she tells us she and Troy were married for two years and were dating for 10 years.  She says she plans to attend all of the Barbour’s court hearings to face her husband’s alleged killers.

“I’m glad they’re caught, but it’s not going to bring him back to me.  Nothing is ever going to make this right,” she said

Elyette and Miranda Barbour recently moved from North Carolina and lived on North Water Street in Selinsgrove.  Their roommate did not want to go on camera but tells Newswatch 16 she just wants this to be over.

Neighbors say there were more police in the neighborhood since the Barbours moved in.

“Now it all comes together why they were around here,” said a neighbor.

He says he cannot believe the alleged “newlywed thrill killers” lived on his street.

“At first it makes you wonder but then whenever you find out the husband is supposedly involved, too and this was a fantasy, it’s like there’s some really weird people out there.”

Sunbury Police Chief Stephen Mazzeo says the investigation may lead police to other states.  Elyette and Miranda Barbour are scheduled to appear in court in Northumberland County later this month.

Neighbors in Sunbury are shocked by the negative attention this case has brought.


  • Gordon Lamb says:

    The Sunbury mayor, David Persing, has failed to defend his city against the trashing it has been receiving from the massed ranks of the media. Sunbury had nothing to do with the murder except as the place the perpetrators chose to dump the body. They are not even from around here.

  • jay L says:

    I am furious with the people bashing Mr Ferrara and saying how he deserved it and should have known better. He was huge and loved hunting im sure he never tbought he’d fall victim. We are people and none of us are perfect and many of us have problems. We dont deserve to die for our problems and imperfections. If we did you trolls wouldnt be alive to leave these comments. Hope you vain trolls saying he deserved it for cheating dont die next to a toilet after binging or whatever secret hidden vice u have turned to that doesnt affect the people around you or bring suspision. Hope you dont die from some weird thing like puking in your sleep and not waking up. You cant control people and unless you commit suicide you cant control how you are going to die. So think hard about karma before you leave your ignorant opinion on how justice karma and life are valued.

  • SouthrnBelle33 says:

    Nancy, your above comment is even far more ludicrous than the one which you are replying to with such disdain..
    You berate another and then openly imply that person’s life being taken would be well deserved because of a comment they made under an online news article that just happens to be an opinion you do not agree with..
    WoW! Yea, your mindset is quite warped, and worst yet is the fact that your own comment made is by far, much worse, and nonsensical than the one which you’ve such disdain for..

    • Tom R says:

      Nancy D Tracey’s and Tom R’s comments at the bottom of this page were both replies to a user who called Mr. LaFerrara a scumbag and suggested that he got what he deserved. WNEP has since removed that user’s post, but our replies have remained.

  • Phil Phazer says:

    I see comments from some trying to justify their own trolling Craig’s List. Good luck with that. These two suspects will get what they deserve…Karma works that way! Sad that Laferrarra had to be a victim. My prayers go out to the family of this man, and I encourage all men to seek help if they are thinking of trolling social media sites for “love”.

    • Sundown says:

      …especially if one is already married? or partnered? double ewwww…but that’s the thing, this is often not about love, it’s about casual encounters or prostitution or any other cheap liaison…it’s not about love at all…people trash intimacy the way it was meant to be..

  • LP says:

    They are sick and were going to kill someone eventually…but bottom line, if he wasn’t out cheating on his wife..he’d still be alive. Sorry but if it were my husband I’d be far more angry and deeply hurt, rather than sad over losing him. Imagine the humiliation she’s feeling. This should be a lesson to all those who think nothing of cheating on their spouse. What I find sad is how many people are acting like that’s not an important factor here. Sign of the times, I guess. Pretty gross.

    • Sundown says:

      I couldn’t agree with you more, and the sick thing is this, if you/I were in her shoes and acted livid instead of being rid ourselves of such a disrespectful partner, WE would be considered disrespectful…like you said, sad world we live in! And to Nancy D, it’s one thing if it happened to someone single looking for friendship, but cheating on your significant other is just plain nasty…like prostitution is just plain nasty..remember the craig’s list killer?!?!?

  • I pray no one you love ever has this happen to them. Regardless of what he was there for, what he ended up with was unjust. Maybe next time it will be you, because surely the world will be much better without minds that think like yours does.

  • Tom R says:

    Scumbag? Really! This man lost his life! Even if he was looking to have an affair, which is not known at this point and has not been mentioned in any of the news articles, he did not deserve to be killed. If the punishment for infidelity were death, at least a third of the county would be on death row.

  • Tammy says:

    It doesn’t matter why this 42 year old was on Craigslist. I am not saying that it is right BUT this couple had NO reason to take a life! I kind of think maybe this wasn’t their first murder?!?!

    • kym says:

      I agree with Judy. The whole Russian Roulette idea. He’s 42 and was fully aware of the risks. They may not had any right to determine his fate, but nobody twisted his arm to meet am 18 year old. Its a shame but in the end they will probably meet up.

      • Tom R says:

        So you are saying that committing adultery is equivalent to murdering someone for kicks? Really? Sorry Kym, but I have to disagree with you, especially the part about meeting up in the end. I don’t think so. As I mentioned earlier, infidelity does not justify a death sentence, period.

  • GJS says:

    Taking away coverage of the ACA??? Where have u been under a rock?? Everytime I turn on the TV its on and being debated about. Newspapers also.

  • Judy says:

    So he’s married and was trolling on Craigslist….stupidity. Russian roulette and he lost!

    • jay L says:

      Stupid is having or developing an opinion on something you know nothing about. To call an engineer man stupid just cause hes trolling craigslist is not smart. Stupidity is based on a larger longer assesment.

  • Steve says:

    Watch – they’ll give this more coverage than the MILLIONS of people who are losing their health coverage because of Obamacare!

  • Jackie Mull says:

    They are from our area. They moved here from down south.

  • Red says:

    When are they ever even gonna mention why this 42 year old guy was meeting with this young couple? At least the media could mention that they’re not sure why they were meeting. I’m sorry, but when you open yourself up to strange and risky behavior, what do you think will happen? This guy did not deserve to die, but he certainly, stupidly rolled the dice with his own life.

    • Ashley says:

      They knew why they met, it’s because she was advertising “companionship” on craigslist. They met at the Susquehanna mall, he had her drive to somewhere in Sunbury, then she gave the signal and there they go. Then she drove in circles trying to find the secluded alley that she left him in, and got lost while trying to leave.

  • Dan says:

    agree with you 100% John

  • L says:

    That’s just terrible. Sick, Cruel people out in this world, and it needs to be talked about. People need to know what goes on in the world, how dangerous Craigslist is and how stupid it is to meet strangers. I don’t think their trying to do so much as give them the attention “they want”, I think their intentions are to warn the citizens of the potential dangers in this world. Which Yes, a grown, married man, should NOT be meeting strange people, we should all know this. I mean we have been taught about strangers since we were what, earliest 4. They come in all shapes and sizes, regardless, my heart goes out to the families and Lets be real people, it needs to be discussed.

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