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Sunbury Residents React To Media Spotlight

Posted on: 6:03 pm, December 9, 2013, by

SUNBURY — They are being labeled “the newlywed thrill killers” by media outlets all over the world.

It’s been just three days since Elyette Barbour told police he and his wife killed a man in Sunbury, “because they just wanted to murder someone together.”

The story was on the cover of the New York Post and CNN set up shop in Sunbury.  The homicide of Troy LaFerrara is getting attention from all over the world.  But many people in Sunbury say it’s not the kind of attention they want.

The alleged “newlywed thrill killers” are everywhere.  Elyette and Miranda Barbour were on the cover of the New York Post and the topic of conversation on many national news outlets.

CNN was in Sunbury over the weekend to do a story on the Barbours who allegedly met Troy LaFerrara on craigslist.com last month and killed him in Sunbury.

Since the Barbours were arrested, Sunbury police have been contacted by media outlets all over the world.

“All up and down the coast, all the local stuff, my guys have gotten emails as far as Columbia.  I’ve been told we are on the international news in England and Australia,” said Sunbury Police Chief Stephen Mazzeo.

Some people who live in Sunbury say they’re disappointed with all of the negative media attention this case has brought to the city.

“I think all the publicity that they’re getting from it is ridiculous because it’s making them out to be famous.  It should be focused on the family who lost a life,” said Sunbury resident Jason Reed.

“Somehow it’s gotten to that point,” said Kip Reffeor of Sunbury. “We’re probably going to get negativity and that’s not the way this town is.”

Reffeor has lived in Sunbury his whole life.  He is proud of his hometown and says the Barbours do not represent what Sunbury is about.

“They aren’t local.  They’re from out of town. I don’t know where they came from!”

“It’s sad that on a certain level this is the notoriety we’re getting because this is a good town and we have a lot to be proud of here,” added Chief Mazzeo.

Elyette and Miranda Barbour are both scheduled to appear in court later this month for preliminary hearings.  The newlyweds who just moved to this area from North Carolina are currently being housed at separate prisons.

Newswatch 16 spoke to Troy LaFerrara’s wife. Click here for her reaction to the case.

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