Man Holds Up Gas Station Worker Using Box Cutter

armed robbery

MIDDLE SMITHFIELD TOWNSHIP — State police in Monroe County are investigating a robbery Saturday night at a gas station near Marshalls Creek.

Officials said a man walked into Liberty Gas Station on Milford Road with a box cutter and demanded cash.

The man got away with almost $700. No one was hurt.

Anyone with information is asked to call State Police Swiftwater.


    • Steve

      It’s all part of the grand anti-gun agenda, don’t you know. I come to this site to see what the weather might be….other than that, I find 90% of what’s “reported” to be trivial and irrelevant; which is why I don’t watch it.:)

      • ben

        description would be good, time? what the person looks like? driving or walking,, is there any video? how can we help with vague details?

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