Car Drives Under Big Rig, Driver Rushed to Hospital

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PITTSTON TOWNSHIP -- A wreck on the PA Turnpike in Luzerne County during Monday mornings wintry mix has a man in the hospital.

Crews said a car drove underneath a tractor-trailer right near the Pittston Interchange around 3:30 a.m.

A man was pulled from the wrecked car and taken to the hospital.  Authorities have not released his current condition.

Traffic on the highway was not slowed by the crash.

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  • K Shaffer

    How can WNEP allow a company like Cabot Oil to advertise on their station? Not only did they ruin the water for the people of Dimock, PA, now they have filed a lawsuit against a grandmother, Vera Scroggins, because she is against gas drilling and brough a group of celebrities from New York to tour the gas drilling operations in her part of PA to see just how devastating this industry can be. Now they continue to lie to the WNEP community by saying what a wonderful company they are and that they are concerned with the environment and people of htis area when clearly they are not.

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