Welcoming Winter In Hawley

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HAWLEY -- The forecast for snow and cold this weekend is just in time for a festival celebrating winter in Wayne County.

Winterfest kicked off Friday in Hawley.  There are events underway all over town, indoors and out.  We got a preview of some of the fun.

A propane torch will be warming up Hawley's Winterfest inside B. Madigan Jewelry. Artist Bernie Madigan gave us a look at what she'll be showing festival-goers all weekend how she flames glass to create jewelry.

"We've been scrambling for the past few weeks trying to get everything together."

Everything in the store is homemade, most of it glass jewelry.

Madigan's mother made a lot of crafts, there too.  Both are dressing the part for the Victorian festival.

Businesses and organizations throughout the borough are involved with many events as this community welcomes winter with the 15th annual Winterfest.

"I think it's a great idea. It gets the community involved.  It brings in some extra revenue at Christmastime because small shops do suffer a bit,” said Bernie Madigan.

The forecast for snow could help Winterfest, too. Besides the events at businesses and churches, there are outdoor events like snowtube pulling and ice sculpting. That all relies on the cold and the cold is coming.

“From the beginning it started out a little smaller, it's grown and grown.”

Winterfest has grown and so has the amount of cookies at the First Presbyterian Church. Sweet donations are pouring in for the church's cookie walk, a popular stop during Winterfest.  They expect to sell nearly 10,000 cookies.

"I just bake and bake and bake and my husband goes, 'don't I get any?!'"

Florence Tees made a lot of cookies and fudge. She says it's all worth it, but she warns Winterfest goers: the cookies go on sale at 9 a.m. and they go fast.

"People are so happy to come in and see the variety and the people who come late are so disappointed."

Winterfest runs through Sunday night in Hawley. There are dozens of events.  You can find more about all the fun here.