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Suspect In Custody After Police Standoff

SCRANTON — A man is in custody after he was in a standoff with officers through most of the morning, according to Scranton Police.

Because of that standoff, two schools and a daycare closed for the day.

Scranton police tell us this all started with a neighborhood noise complaint.

Officers say Stephen Lahey, 31, is being questioned at police headquarters and he is expected to be charged.

While many people along Boulevard Avenue in Scranton were sleeping, police surrounded an apartment building and tried ordering a man inside to come out. A negotiator tried for hours to coax the man out.

All of the noise woke up many people including Jim Walsh.

“As I was getting ready to sit down and have coffee and breakfast and whatnot, I hear a gunshot, which was tear gas. They launched about 12 of them through the window.”

Acting Scranton Police Chief Carl Graziano says the standoff started after neighbors called in a noise complaint.

“When they came to the door, the man came to the door, threatened to kill the officers and walked back in, said he was getting his shotgun,” Graziano said.

As tactical officers kept a close eye on the apartment building, authorities told administrators at Robert Morris Elementary nearby St. Clare, St. Paul schools to close as a safety precaution.

Carol Evanusa tried dropping her grandkids off at Green Ridge Child Care Center before word got out that the day care had also closed

“I’m really glad that it didn’t happen while they were in day care,” Evanusa said.

Broken windows and shattered glass show where Scranton Police used flash bang grenades as well as tear gas, to try and get the man out of the apartment building. Officers say they had to wait to make sure no one else was inside.”

Six and half hours into the standoff, police say tactical technology helped them determine where the man was inside. Officers stormed in using the back deck and hauled the shirtless man out. Police identified him as Stephen Lahey, 31.

Donna Gibbs says she didn’t get much sleep because of the standoff but she is relieved that everyone is safe.

“I was afraid to open my door today because I didn’t know if the guy was on the loose or not. It’s scary for this to happen so close to home,” Gibbs said.

Officers spent some time searching that apartment building. It’s still unclear if Lahey even had a gun when he threatened officers.


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