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Sallie Mae: 300 New Jobs to Wilkes-Barre Area

HANOVER TOWNSHIP – A major student loan service company near Wilkes-Barre is about to get a little bigger.  Sallie Mae is adding 300 new jobs and expanding this office in the Hanover Township Industrial Park.

“What I just heard was a reduction in the unemployment rate that`s exactly what that is,” said Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett (R).

Lisa Stashik began working at Sallie Mae in 1988 at an entry-level position.  Now, the company’s vice president says she’s excited to be part of not just new job creation, but a more than $5 million building expansion.

“It`s just such a great and wonderful story and I`m excited to participate and be a part of such a story,” said Stashik.

The loan company will offer servicing, collections and management positions.  All are above minimum wage with benefits, but officials won’t say exactly how far above minimum wage those jobs will pay.

Corbett says these 300 positions will help chip away at Pennsylvania’s more than 8% unemployment rate.

“It shows growth, it shows people looking at Pennsylvania and that`s important, there`s a geographical advantage here,” said Gov. Corbett.

News that 300 new jobs are being brought here to Sallie Mae near Wilkes-Barre is also exciting many people who live and work near this area.

Denise Shedlock lives just a few miles from the industrial park where Sallie Mae sits and says she’s looking for jobs just like the ones Sallie Mae is offering.

“That would be fantastic because this area is so dead, there`s nothing to do.  I`m a waitress, that`s what I`m down to doing these days.  So that`d be really really great,” said Shedlock.

Carl Smith of Nanticoke says this announcement is one that might help bring his daughter back home.

“My one daughter who lives out of the area, and she`s looking to come back here for a job and she can`t find one here,” said Smith.

You can apply for one of these hundreds of jobs online.


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