Salvation Army Needs Help

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SHAMOKIN -- An organization in Northumberland County that provides food and other things to the poor is having trouble getting donations.

Officials with the Salvation Army in Shamokin are putting out a plea for help. Some of the shelves have toys where food is supposed to be, some of the freezers are empty and officials at the Salvation Army in Shamokin are concerned. They’re concerned they won't have enough food and donations to provide Christmas dinners for some of  the poor on December 19.

Brian Persing is asking the public for help.

"We need donations, we need all the meats, we need everything. It's bad. We probably going to do, last year they did 600 families, this year to do 700, 800 families this year."

Major Tina Streck explains the area is a draw to the poor trying to save money.

"There are more and more families that are moving into this area and come in when we fill out our applications and the need is greater each year. We feel it may be the low housing rate what they pay out for rent." Major Streck said.

Katrina Pavelko got help from the Salvation Army and now volunteers.

"It's scary, because I know what it's like to not have. When I lost my job and my husband was looking for a job, we had no income and they helped us pay our bills, pay the rent and just give food and that kind of stuff." Pavelko explained.

If you can help the folks at the Shamokin Salvation Army, with food or a donation, click here.

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  • Blair's

    Everyone is finding it hard to make ends meet even working. Paying for gas to get to work heating oil food ,the wages are not going up. People don’t have the extra money that is why we can’t give to charities.

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