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Police Called To Protest At McDonald’s Near Pittston


PITTSTON TOWNSHIP – The lunchtime rush at one McDonald’s in Luzerne County got a bit rowdy, when a dozen protestors walked out of the restaurant holding up signs and chanting that fast food workers deserve better pay.

A McDonald’s manager called police officers, who threatened protestors with criminal charges or citations if they refused to leave the franchise property, along route 315 in Pittston Township.

“On the roadway, anywhere near here is very dangerous. Like I said, I have to protect everybody, McDonald’s and the people protesting,” said Pittston Township Police Chief Robert Avvisato.

Chris Sloat told Newswatch 16 that she and other union and labor representatives organized the rally, but she says McDonald’s employees did not join the protest out of fear of being fired.

“I have two children of my own that are both working at a fast food place. Between their student loans, I think they`re never going to leave home because they can`t afford to pay that,” said Sloat. “After taxes, you`re talking $800 to $900 a month for 40 hours a week.”

Some people who saw the protest said that fast food workers are being fairly paid for the job tasks and education requirements.

Other people told Newswatch 16 that educated and older workers making minimum wage should fight for better pay.

“Manager of every company that`s in control of the money, they want their employees to be happy and they want to make money. But sometimes the two don`t parallel,” said Jimmy Van Dover of Equinunk.


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