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Murder Mystery Still Unsolved Six Years Later

TUNKHANNOCK TOWNSHIP — Wednesday marks the 6th anniversary of an unsolved murder in the Poconos and the victim’s family is still seeking justice.

Investigators and Lee Van Luvender’s parents have not given up hope that they will find whoever is responsible.

Monroe County Detective Rich Luthcke has been over the scene along Hypsie Gap road near Mount Pocono. It is where Lee Van Luvender was found shot to death six years ago.

“At the time we could only come up with theories we didn’t have an actual motive for the homicide. What we want is the public if they information to come forward,” said Luthke who was the lead investigator with Pocono Mountain Regional Police in 2007.

Van Luvender’s parents have spent a lot of time at the game lands in Tunkhannock Township as well in the years since their son was taken from them at just 22 years old.

“My life basically a part of me died right with him,” said Charlene Sebring, Van Luvender’s mother.

Every year that passes, they’re left to wonder Van Luvender was killed on a day he went hunting, who fired the deadly shots and now who can help them find a killer.

“We need to find justice for Lee, I believe if we keep asking the questions. If you stop asking the questions you might not get the answers,” said his father Tom Van Luvender.

Six years after the shooting of Lee Van Luvender in the Poconos there are reminders out there including an ad for a $10,000 reward on place mats at Billy’s Pocono Diner that there’s a killer on the loose and his parents still want justice.

“Everyday, I will never give up, there’s someone out there that knows and they need to come forward,” said Sebring.

Van Luvender’s parents and Detective Luthke don’t plan to give up hope anytime soon. They’re still working leads, intent on keeping the case alive so even in death, Lee Van Luvender can have justice.

“You just keep putting the effort in, you keep talking to people, you keep putting it into the media, you keep reminding people and seeing what kind of information can come forward,” said Luthke.

Anyone with information that could help solve the case can call police in the Poconos.


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