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Man Accused Of Abusing 8-Month-Old Son

Posted on: 5:25 pm, December 4, 2013, by

michael pringle carb abuse

WEATHERLY — A man gave up his right to a hearing on charges he put his 8-month-old son in danger in Carbon County.

Michael Pringle, 30, of Weatherly is accused of neglecting the baby.

Court papers show Pringle did not feed or change the infant’s diaper and gave his son a sleeping aid.

Police also say the baby rolled off a bed while Pringle slept.

The charges were filed last month after the infant was taken to the hospital with bruises and marks around his neck.

Pringle is locked up in the Carbon County Jail with bail set at $150,000. A judge denied a request to reduce Pringle’s bail.


  • Sundown says:

    I am from NYC, and it’s the same stuff goes on here, as went on there, just more people there, while it is wrong to abuse ANY drugs, not all who have used mangle their children, there are other issues going on, like the guy is a psychotic loser…should never get out.

  • Granny says:

    Rot in a hot place

  • Darnell says:

    That haircut is sure to impress the courts.

  • ME says:

    Why do people like this become parents?

    • eric says:

      That is simple to answer. It’s because any idiot in this area is allowed to breed as much as they please. Apparently there are women ready to procreate with people like this. That is a freedom that the people of this area seem to agree with, until something like this happens.

      • AFINKSTER says:

        The Truth be told is that the Morals of the Drug Culture is nothing but emotion satisfaction. Sex, Drugs, and Music. It came out of the 60′s with a Bang and is still flying wild. The Morality of the American Culture is at the lowest that it has ever been. Thanks to the removal of God from the public square. We as a Nation are decaying from within with the help of corrupt Politico.
        I’ll bet half of the State Legislature and half of the Judges in Pennsylvania would flunk a Random Drug Test. And the amount of teachers that would flunk would leave us dumbfounded.

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