Lighting up Lazybrook Park

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TUNKHANNOCK TOWNSHIP -- A community holiday light display is going up near Tunkhannock for the second year in a row and this time it’s more than doubled in size.

Strands of lights here and there – decking out Lazybrook Park up for the second year in a row has been taking up a lot of time.

"The past month, like, probably every day but on the weekends some, too. It takes a long time, especially when you have a big area," said Tunkhannock Area High School Senior Carson Ayers.

Ayers and Tom Daniels have been stringing more than 500 strands of lights across this park near Tunkhannock.  It’s a project their friend started last year before going off to college.  Now these two are helping keep the holiday spirit alive.

"It’ll be a nice thing around Christmas for a family to come to and enjoy, just have a nice night, walk around and enjoy the Christmas spirit," said Daniels, who is also from the Tunkhannock area.

Township supervisor Glenn Shupp says Tunkhannock Township gave $1,000 dollars to jump-start the project, otherwise it’s mostly run on donations.

LED lights help keep the power bill low. Thanks to all of the donations, this year’s light display promises to be twice as big, but that’s not all that’s in store for visitors this holiday season.

"We’re going to make it drive-able this year, too, so you have the option to walk or drive, just so it’s more accessible to everybody,” said Daniels.

Barbara Mislevy lives only a few miles from the park and is happy to see all of the holiday lights being hung with care.

"Yes, it’s been very nice that someone is taking an interest, especially the youth to keep this park nice,” said Mislevy.

This year’s light display hasn’t powered up just yet, a night these guys are looking forward to.

"Oh yeah, it’s, you never really know how it’s going to come together until it’s nighttime and you actually see the lights up,” said Ayers.

The lights in Lazybrook Park will be turned on December 16 and will run most nights until New Years from 6 p.m. until 9 p.m.

The community light display will not be open on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.