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Farmers Reporting Bumper Crop

HOMETOWN — Some vegetable farmers in our area are reporting a bumper crop, and that could mean lower prices for consumers.

Vito Basile owns a restaurant and just bought several hundred dollars’ worth of vegetables at the Hometown Farmers Market.

“I find whatever I need. It’s fresh and a good price. You can’t beat it,” said Basile.

Farmers said consumer prices are down because of a bumper crop.

“I’ve been at the farm 47 years, my brother for 35, we’re probably looking at the best crops ever come off our farm,” said Henry Stehr.

The Stehr brothers said they have to be very diverse to survive these days. They raise everything from apples to Christmas trees. The prices for just about every crop are reduced because there is so much.

“A bumper crop in several surrounding states, your prices tend to be lower, and this year we’re finding it out the hard way,” said Stehr.

The man who runs a produce stand agrees.

“It keeps prices down, and that’s good for the consumer, but for the farmer, it’s not good for them. When there is a bumper crop, it kills them,” explained Bill Webber.

Buyers were scooping up the bargains.

“I go down here and I like the vegetables, they’re really fresh,” said Stan Fisher of Blakeslee.

“Keep coming back, keep coming back. Very, very good, no complaints,” said Bob Caputo of Tamaqua.

There is a positive note for farmers. The mild weather allows them more time to keep their outdoor vegetable stands open.

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