Costa Drugs To Close

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SCRANTON -- Costa Drugs is a family-owned business based in Scranton with one pharmacy in the city, one in Dickson City, and one in Clarks Summit.

According to an online company profile, Costa Drugs has been around for decades and employs 31 people.

On Wednesday, Rite Aid officials confirmed they have purchased Costa Drugs.

"It's a shame because people rely on that,” said Nichole Cameron of Scranton. “It's an old mom-and-pop pharmacy, and it's convenient for most of us that can get there."

Rite Aid officials said they purchased files and information from Costa Drugs. Now customers from Costa will get their prescriptions from the nearest Rite Aid or they will have to find a new pharmacy.

"Having a neighborhood pharmacy is convenient, they know you. You know what I mean? You can have conversations with the pharmacist because he knows you personally. He knows what medications you're on, you know what I mean? Corporations are less personal, you know? Nothing against Rite Aid," said Will Scott of Scranton.

Newswatch 16 tried to speak with members of the Costa family on camera, but they declined requests, though one family member said she is very sad about the buyout.

Longtime customers said they’re sad, too.

"It was a convenient place for the neighborhood, and it's just too bad," said Robert Carroll of Dickson City.

"I've been here 15 years, and they've been here as long as I have," said Cameron.

A manager told Newswatch 16 the Dickson City store closed Wednesday night.

The one in Clarks Summit closes Monday and the last day of business at Costa Drugs in Scranton is Tuesday, December 10.


  • dino frishino

    Sarah Buynosky just said that Costa Drugs has been in business for 20 years. Let’s try over 100 years !!! Yes 100 years!!!! Who does your research for these stories??

  • eric

    The owners of Costa Drugs are clearly making the smart decision.

    When an area is declining as rapidly as NEPA it is time to move your business to a decent location. Surges in gang violence, the presence of a federal corruption probe for the next decade or so, huge tax increases and the various forms of damage from the gas drilling are just some of the problems now surfacing. Some of the “long term” problems are the way above national average levels of alcoholism, drug abuse, domestic violence of all kinds, DUI arrests, sexual based offenses, divorce and homelessness. On top of all that most of the locals I’ve met since my family moved here when I was a kid are very violent people, most likely from alcohol and drug abuse.

    From a business point of view you simply decide to move to an area where some or most of these problems don’t exist or won’t exist for the foreseeable future and the rest are manageable by a competent local government. This is what most would call a decent community and that seems to be the owners decision. I agree with it because I am happily working towards the same goal.

    Despite what the majority of locals think the rest of the country and the world are not like northeast Pennsylvania.

  • Frank DeNunzio II

    Rite Aid is doing that all over – buying out smaller pharmacies then closing them. My best friend worked in a pharmacy in Albany for 20 yrs and they owners sold to rite aid, who said they would keep the stores open. They kept their promise for about 6 months and decided that these community neighborhood locations were too small to fall in line with the rite aid franchise and laid everyone off and closed the locations. As for my friend, it took these pharmacists and some pharmacy techs over a yr to find work because the only way you can get into another pharmacy is if someone gets fired, quits, or dies.

  • Bobbijo

    So Rite Aid just put how many employees out of a job 3 weeks before Christmas? “Now customers from Costa will get their prescriptions from the nearest Rite Aid” said a spokesman? So they want to tell me where to spend my money too?

    I’m not suprised at this at all considering Rite Aid put their own employees from the Viewmont Mall on the unemployment line by closing November 30th. What a great company to work for!

    Heres a suggestion: If you need antibiotics, go to Wegmans. They are free and they treat their employees with respect.

  • Len

    Im from peckville pa and I want to know how can Csta drugs sell all personal information to another company Like Rite Aid with out my aproval ?????? I am going to ask a Lawyer. I don’t want Rite Aid to have my personal Informaton.

  • ofdvls32

    That place could of continued for another 100 years, but the owners sold out to the cold corporate world. Shame what this country is coming to. Small business leaving and more of corporate America. These guys forgot here they came from and the people who stayed with them for 30 years! It’s a shame!

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