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Costa Drugs To Close

SCRANTON — Costa Drugs is a family-owned business based in Scranton with one pharmacy in the city, one in Dickson City, and one in Clarks Summit.

According to an online company profile, Costa Drugs has been around for decades and employs 31 people.

On Wednesday, Rite Aid officials confirmed they have purchased Costa Drugs.

“It’s a shame because people rely on that,” said Nichole Cameron of Scranton. “It’s an old mom-and-pop pharmacy, and it’s convenient for most of us that can get there.”

Rite Aid officials said they purchased files and information from Costa Drugs. Now customers from Costa will get their prescriptions from the nearest Rite Aid or they will have to find a new pharmacy.

“Having a neighborhood pharmacy is convenient, they know you. You know what I mean? You can have conversations with the pharmacist because he knows you personally. He knows what medications you’re on, you know what I mean? Corporations are less personal, you know? Nothing against Rite Aid,” said Will Scott of Scranton.

Newswatch 16 tried to speak with members of the Costa family on camera, but they declined requests, though one family member said she is very sad about the buyout.

Longtime customers said they’re sad, too.

“It was a convenient place for the neighborhood, and it’s just too bad,” said Robert Carroll of Dickson City.

“I’ve been here 15 years, and they’ve been here as long as I have,” said Cameron.

A manager told Newswatch 16 the Dickson City store closed Wednesday night.

The one in Clarks Summit closes Monday and the last day of business at Costa Drugs in Scranton is Tuesday, December 10.


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