Hunters Share The Harvest

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SUGARLOAF TOWNSHIP -- A program which helped feed 200,000 people last year started this week. It's called Hunters Share The Harvest.

There was a steady flow of hunters unloading their buck at the Country Butcher Shop near Hazleton. It's all because of the start of rifle deer season.

Hunter Darryl Lear said it was nice hunting in the warmer temperatures which blanketed the area.

"I saw quite a few doe, not as many bucks but this one I got at 10:15 this morning. It seems the deer are moving a little bit this morning."

The Country Butcher Shop has an agreement with the Pennsylvania Game Commission to participate in the Share The Harvest program. Shop owner Roland Lawery said it's an opportunity for hunters to donate their venison to food pantries.

"To help the needy, it seems more and more people are donating their deer. You can donate the whole deer, couple of packs of hamburg, half of the deer whatever."

Jim Antonolli bagged his buck in the Mountain Top area. Antonolli explained his family will consume the deer but the next will go to Share The Harvest.

"This is the first deer I got this season so I will be out again and if I do get another deer I will be participating." Antonolli said.

For more information on the Hunters Share The Harvest program or locations where you bring your deer, follow this link.

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  • jake keifer

    For all you complainers about WNEP doing a report on the first day of rifle season. GET OVER IT. For many years now, on the first monday after THANKSGIVING, WNEP has done reports about the rifle season. If you don’t like it then turn the TV off. Have you ever seen a child on there smiling because he was out in the woods and shot a deer. This year they interviewed a child. Thats alot better then them being inside playing Video games. If you don’t like it then don’t watch it. Good Job WNEP please keep the reports on the rifle season coming.

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