Giving Tuesday

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STROUDSBURG -- The past several days have been all about spending, from Black Friday to Cyber Monday. But how about Giving Tuesday?

Giving Tuesday is a way for charities to boost donations.

Ramona Hierro of East Stroudsburg is a mother of three with another on the way. She's also going to school and working. She credits the Pocono Alliance organization in Stroudsburg with helping point her in the right direction when she moved here from New York in 2011.

"I called for information about housing and where I can get some sort of guidance,” she said.

Pocono Alliance ended up doing both and more for her. The charity helps connect Monroe County residents with services and resources to improve their quality of life through education and mentoring.

For Hierro, Pocono Alliance connected her with a program called Bridges Out Of Poverty.

"How to start walking, picking up our bags and start moving along, not just waiting for things to be handed to us, " Hierro said.

The executive director of Pocono Alliance says the Bridges Out Of Poverty program has been a success, especially for Ramona.

"We've worked with her and her family over the past two years.  In a handful of different ways, she's grown tremendously as a person," said Pocono Alliance Executive Director Michael Tukeva.

Pocono Alliance is taking part in what's called Giving Tuesday.  On the day after Cyber Monday, people around the country are encouraged to donate to charities of their choice.

Hierro says the donations have helped her achieve goals she never thought were possible.

"Giving back to your local community is very important," Hierro said.

To participate in Giving Tuesday, all you have to do is head to a website of a charity of your choice, like the Pocono Alliance, and then just click the donate button. A form will come up and fill out what's needed to give back.