December Warm-Up

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SCRANTON--Late Tuesday afternoon, a group of young men, wearing short-sleeves, played football outside in Scranton.

The milder temperatures are expected to remain through the end of the week and folks are taking advantage of the warm-up.

"It feels like it's like an October day, you know? It was nice to have a break from the freezing cold," said Elizabeth Hamm of Scranton.

Some people were out scrubbing up and spraying down their vehicles Tuesday.

At McDade Park, children enjoyed the sunshine and temperatures near 50 degrees.

"We got him out of school a little early just to be able to come out and play, so we're enjoying it," said Mandy Welman of Scranton who was atthe park with her nephew.

"I'm excited. It keeps the heat bill down and the kids get to get outside and that's great," agreed Gregory Evans of Scranton who was out with his two young sons.

Even after the sun set Tuesday, it was still warm enough to be out without gloves, giving Gerry Smurl a chance to continue his holiday decorating along Prospect Avenue in the city.

"It's a lot easier, just a hooded sweatshirt and a t-shirt and that's it, and no gloves, so it's really easy," he laughed.

A cold front is expected to move in at the end of the week.

"The cold weather makes me miserable, so to be able to get out and play with the kids is great. It's a little break from the winter," said Hamm.