Schuylkill County Group Helping Typhoon Victims

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POTTSVILLE — An effort to help victims of the typhoon in the Philippines is underway in Schuylkill County.

For the last two days, children and parents have stood on street corners and in front of the Giant supermarket in Pottsville collecting monetary donations.

“We’re trying to help the Philippines. I have children myself; I definitely feel their pain. We’re trying our best and that we care,” said Robert Scifo with Operation Save The Kids.

The group in Pottsville had raised about $900 so far.

They tell us the money will be used to buy non-perishable goods and ship them overseas.


  • Robert

    We organized Operation Save The Kids to help the children of the Philippines, not there government… We acknowledge there government is corrupt but the children suffer for that and there innocent… The Tornado, Katrina and Sandy victims received help from our government, insurance companies and other organizations, We do feel for those victims but they are receiving help… The ignorant person who left the comment above should be ashamed of them self and remember Karma



  • ME

    Yes, let’s rush to help the rest of the world, whose government is too dumb to put better warning systems and shelters in place, even if they accept aid from us. In the meantime, tornado victims out west are fending for themselves and many Katrina and Super Storm Sandy victims, still aren’t in their own homes. I can’t figure this country out.

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