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Pet Slideshow: December 2013

Posted on: 9:11 am, December 2, 2013, by , updated on: 08:51am, December 16, 2013

Check out some great holiday pet pics and submit your own!

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  • Santa didn't forget Duke :)

  • Newly adopted Prince Charming meets some of the staff of Sunbury Animal Hospital.

  • whose steering this sleigh!

  • Roxy and Augie ready for Christmas!

  • Harley Gallagher, Mayfield, PA

  • Fat kitten ready for Christmas!!!!!

  • Kaitlyn,Kyle and Shilo wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New year!

  • Charlie is a rescue cat. we thought it was a male cat because of the mustache, so we named her Charlie for Charlie Chaplin. The name stuck. Millie Lynch Hawley, PA

  • Photo of Posh who is a male flamepoint Himalayan kitten.

  • Posh is ready for Christmas! He is a 3 year old, male, flamepoint Himalayan.

  • Still waiting, patiently.

  • Jamoe & Mamakin

  • Jamoe & Mamakin

  • Oreo waiting for Santa

  • Oreo's first snowfall of the season

  • Omar, the Grinch

  • Padrino is an alpaca that resides at Golden Glen Alpacas in Pine Grove, PA. He enjoys meeting new friends and getting his neck scratched. Padrino welcomes all visitors to our farm.

  • Enjoying a winter wonderland

  • This 7year old Zander Condeelis from Mehoopany holding his "fat cat" Zoe

  • Hefty paws is coming to town

  • Bella and Snoopy at Ebb's Candy Jar in Tunkhannock for pet photo's.

  • Merry Christmas Sparta baby !

  • Pet Photo Gallery

  • My toy poodle Canica.

  • I am still surprised I was able to get this photo!

  • This is Fritzie! He's a sweet little miniature dachshund with a lot of personality. He puts up with being dressed up (sometimes).

  • Although he looks a little upset about wearing the hat, he really does like Christmas.

  • Picture of my bearded dragon Petey with a nice hat on

  • This is my cat wookie when she was a few months old in 2008. She climbed the tree to hid from us. When i found her I took this picture

  • love him very much!

  • this is a picture of my son , Adam smith and our cat Elmo Smith. Elmo is wearing a lovely Christmas infant hat and sparkly cat collar. He is 5 years old and ADam is 10. Thanks, Suzanne Napkori- Smith :)

  • Sugarloaf Township resident and internet celebrity cat, Sir Flanigan Patrick O'Reilly Weicker, best known for his hit Youtube video "Kitten vs Watermelon" (which was viewed over 17 million times,) loves to dress up for every holiday! Last Christmas, he donned his Santa suit and then fell asleep after a hard day of wrapping presents and setting them up under the tree. Trollolol.

  • Sugarloaf Township resident and internet celebrity cat, Sir Flanigan Patrick O'Reilly Weicker, best known for his hit Youtube video "Kitten vs Watermelon" (which was viewed over 17 million times) loves to dress up for every holiday! This year, he discovered a new treat on his Christmas tree--cupcake ornaments! He wasn't able to eat them, but he sure tried. Silly kitty. Trollolol.

  • Flanigan hates the puppy, but loves the puppy's toys.

  • Meet Flanigan, the most annoying fat cat in the world. No idea WHY he would ever choose to annoy us. Trollolol.

  • My two cats waiting for Santa

  • Dawkins, of Honesdale, in his christmas sweater.

  • Spike Jr Age Two, Trying To Stay Warm This Winter

  • Pictured in this photo is all three of my cockapoos. Two female spayed parti-colored females at a year and half old and the buff colored neutered male just home to recover from surgery for a torn crucia ligament in his right hind leg. Dogs names are Storm largest of the parti-colored (black, white & little brown), Weather, smallest of the them all, and their big brother, Chapter who just turned 10 years old in November. All were rescues from puppy mills. Pictured with them is their proud and loving new mom, Louise Conner, Danville.

  • Maggie May, 7 months Shichon(Shih-Tzu/Bichon)

  • Harvey our Year old Newfoundland Puppy

  • zoey clause!!

  • awggie with ho ho

  • Aliyah's little kitten grew up!

  • Duke's Christmas Sweater

  • IMG_6135.jpg

  • Happy Snow Days from our family to yours. Titan loves this time of year!

  • Monday and Moo Cat. They are "puppy-cats".

  • Enjoying Christmas morning with my cat Seamus.

  • my name is sabrina koprowski from wilkes-barre pennslyvania this is my cat mr.meow he's 20 pounds of fat cat :) he would love to be on the morning news thanks newswatch 16

  • Simba is stalking Santa

  • 17 lb Fat Cat Nelson

  • Ollie doesn't understand who the guy in the red hat is - it's his first Christmas.

  • Our 10 month old springer spaniel is enjoying her first real snowfall since being born!

  • Carissa and Tony

  • Held by Hazel and Micah in Saylorsburg, PA Submitted by Pat Bixler 5709927835 pjbixler@Hotmail.com

  • Ned is a svelte 25 pounds. Submitted by Teresa Browne

  • My daughter Riley 12 years old and her fat cats Lilo and Snickers

  • My daughter Riley 12 years old and her fat cats Lilo and Snickers

  • Fat cat Lilo

  • Fat Cat - check out the yard stick to see how big he really is...

  • Cocoa, our Maine Coon, hasn't been out of the house since opening day of deer season.

  • smokey watches Joe's weather every day hes in control

  • smokey loves to sit around

  • hes the 29 pound fat cat

  • Angel is one fat cat. This is for Joe and the weather.

  • Angel is one fat cat. This is for Joe and the weather.

  • Jinxy our overly plump cat

  • My cat AL. he's one fat Christmas cat.

  • Trixtopher the drunken Christmas Kitty ( Cat in picture didn't really consume the alcohol!!)

  • Miss Kitty's Christmas Photo Shoot

  • Tea time and Labradors!

  • Joey the Lehigh Valley Christmas Cat

  • Showing she is the prize ferret

  • Misty, our yellow lab, loves the snow.

  • Tinker Bujno ~ What a great place to take a nap.

  • Zoey's love's to help decorate the house! such a big help!

  • Christmas Greetings from Mr. Magoo, Frackville

  • Nuggets

  • Kittyboy cant stand Christmas but he sat for this photo or he wouldn't get his snack

  • Buddy

  • All cats pictured are adoptable cats at Ruth Steinert Memorial SPCA in Pine Grove, PA. Santa & Mrs "Claws" are Tucker and Fiona. Also pictured (left to right) are Zeus, Spencer, Violet, and Salem.

  • Sandy loves to help with everything, even decorating the tree

  • Sandy helping out Mr. and Mrs. Clause

  • Etti Biaclecki from Danville, PA

  • Napoleon is ready to be Santa's little helper!

  • This is Connor from Loyalsock posing with his kitty, Airily.

  • zoey on her model status,shes getting into her holiday spirit! shes purrrfect!

  • Kitty Bones disguised as a Fat Cat

  • Zoee in her Christmas outfit.

  • keek says "i hope my friends don't see this"

  • shanna mertz and her fat cat Garfield getting ready for christmas

  • Brianna mertz with her cat panther

  • All ready for Santa

  • Trying to catch at few winks

  • Baby- 7 yrs old. She can hardly wait every year..She really enjoys sitting by the fireplace from start until the last light.

  • Baby and her Santa hat. Williamsport PA

  • Judy & "Mink"

  • This is Precious, a stray cat that we took in two years ago. She was so fat that we didn't realize that she was pregnant at the time. I wanted to put the pants to the Snowman on her but they were too tight.



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