Threats Against Police Lead to Two Arrests

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LEHIGH TOWNSHIP — Two people are facing charges after one threatened officers and one ran from police in Wayne County.

Officers were called to a home on Big Chief Trail in Lehigh Township just before 1:30 a.m. Sunday for a report of someone breaking into a vehicle.

An officer arrived, and that claim was unfounded, but the grandfather who lives at the address told police his granddaughter’s boyfriend was high and he wanted him to leave the house. Police asked the boyfriend what his name is. It was found that he lied about his name. The granddaughter’s boyfriend took off, and police couldn’t find him.

The granddaughter, Marisa Damato, was questioned by the officer, she started to yell obscenities at the officer and threatened to beat him up. Damato slammed the door and locked the officer out. Damato allegedly threatened to stab her grandfather if he opened the door. Her boyfriend then returned.

State and local police eventually got into the home and arrested Damato’s boyfriend, Justin Maclacklin, 20, and Marisa Damato, 22. Officers had to use a stun gun on Damato.

Damato is charged with four counts of aggravated assault on police, terroristic threats, hindering apprehension or prosecution, and unlawful restraint. Maclacklin is charged with disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, and providing law enforcement with false identification.