Searching for a Pawn Shop Burglar

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SCRANTON -- A business owner in Scranton said a burglar stole thousands of dollars of items from his pawn shop.

Jeff's Trading Post and Repair on North Main Avenue has only been open for a month.

The owner said when he went to the store around noon Sunday, he found items missing, and the back door wide open.

He said surveillance video shows a man taking items from the store around midnight.

Among the stolen goods were about two dozen video game systems, a couple of computers, cell phones, jewelry and more.

The owner explained the timing of the burglary couldn't be worse.

"It's a huge hit, especially that Christmas is coming up. It took a while to build up the inventory, and it's all gone in one night," said Jeffrey Decker, the owner.

Scranton Police are investigating the burglary.

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