Football Rivalry is a Thanksgiving Tradition

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EAST STROUDSBURG -- Die-hard football fans braved the bone-chilling winds Thanksgiving Day to watch a decades-long rivalry in the Poconos.

East Stroudsburg South and Stroudsburg once again went head to head on the football field.

For the fans, it's more than just "a game".

A high school football rivalry between the Stroudsburg Mounties and the East Stroudsburg South Cavaliers continues to go strong in the Poconos.

The Cavaliers were on their home field, but fans from both schools packed the stands to cheer on their respective teams.

The bands belted out familiar tunes to keep the athletes on the field pumped up for the next play.

Each fan we spoke with says the game is a tradition they couldn't imagine missing.

"Just the fact that I have grown up going to it probably for over 50 years, actually," said Linda Drake of Stroudsburg.

"I'm having fun with my family and Thanksgiving Day. My sister is performing color guard,"  said Abraham Silva of Marshalls Creek.

It's the 69th year of the rivalry between East Stroudsburg and Stroudsburg High Schools.

For the people sitting in the stands, coming out to the game that has become a tradition, which holds a special meaning for each person.

For Al Strouse, who quarterbacked Stroudsburg back in the late 70's, coming to the game is a family tradition.

"It always gets the blood flowing, it brings back a lot of memories and you hope it keeps going for your own kids when they come up," said Al Strouse of Stroudsburg.

His son, Michael, calls the game an inspiration.

"Hopefully, I can play one day, here, for the Mounties as I get older," said Michael, who attends Stroudsburg Middle School.

For recent graduates, it's a way to see people they haven't seen for a while.

Aurora Davis graduated from Stroudsburg in 2011.

"It's always nice to see people you know and always support your high school and where you came from," said Davis.

No matter the special reason, this rivalry of 69 years isn't going away any time soon.

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  • debbi staples

    Shame on those school board members. ..and the superintendent. …70 years of honor integrity tradition and community pride summarily dismissed in a disgraceful fashion. We will play again on TD….and we will again walk with pride across the inner boro bridge into the hearts and memories of another generation. …it’s a tradition. ..silly! We r gonna win!

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