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Thanksgiving Destination Or Bust For Travelers

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Drivers passing through our area on the night before Thanksgiving found slow going in some spots because of the weather.

But that's not stopping them from getting to where they need to go.

A bird's-eye view of Interstate 81 shows drivers moving at a steady pace as the end of Thanksgiving Eve drew near.

With clear skies over head, many at the Pilot Travel Center in Pittston Township said they were happy to be out of the snowy weather that fell earlier in their trips.

Matt Katz was headed from New York State to South Jersey.

“It was sporadic.  Our route traveled directly east for a while, and then directly south and actually when we went south, the New York, Pennsylvania border that it turned a little sketchy,” said Katz.  “We saw one car off the road, it`s cleared up since we`ve been here.”

Denise Saunders was headed from Princeton, New Jersey to meet up with family at a resort in Virginia.

“It was like snowy and wintry mix on the ground, obviously we`re driving much slower, a lot of traffic, a lot trucks splashing the snow and sleet onto the car,” said Saunders.

But Saunders said the weather was not what had them running two hours behind.

“I just saw the 81 sign, I wasn`t paying attention to north or south and so I turned north instead of south,” said Saunders. “I realized I was in the wrong direction when I saw the sign `Welcome to New York` I was like no!”

But Saunders and others here seemed to be in good spirits, knowing that at the end of their journey, they are going to see a loved one.

“I`m going to surprise my dad, he doesn`t know I`m coming,” said Joyce Ferrari, who is traveling with her son and her husband from Connecticut to We.  “I don`t want him to be alone, so I`m going to go surprise my dad and he`s going to get to see his grandson.”