Stormy Weather Delays Holiday Travel

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PITTSTON TOWNSHIP -- Flight delays and cancellations are affecting travelers heading to and from our area. Delays at Philadelphia International Airport were up to three hours.

Those flying in and out of Wilkes-Barre/Scranton also dealt with cancellations and delays.

Flashing airport screen showed a message no one wants to see, especially when traveling for the Thanksgiving holiday. Delays and cancellations lit up the arrivals and departure boards at the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton International Airport for many of the Philadelphia flights.

Marc Rhodes of Indianapolis was supposed to be on one of them. Instead he's flying to Charlotte.

"They may take me to Miami, Dallas, St. Louis, somewhere to get me back home to Indianapolis."

Airport officials say holiday travel is always hectic.

"Traveling on the holidays, there's more people, not only here but at the connecting airports,” explained airport director Barry Centini.

But with the winter storm passing through the northeast, it's worse than normal.

Just ask Debbie Goyne of Archbald. Her flight to Philly was cancelled so she booked another over the phone, and then, "while I'm on the phone with her, she says there's another delay. And then when we got here, we found out now it's delayed until 3:05. But we can still make our connection in Philadelphia,” Goyne said.

Because the weather isn't as bad as it was, some travelers say they're surprised their flights are still getting cancelled and delayed.

“I kind of thought there would be delays, but not cancellations because it's not doing anything today, but I guess the backup just backs everything up," Goyne said.

One thing these travelers are thankful for this thanksgiving? The moment when they actually set foot on that plane home.