Food Pantry Must Find A New Home

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SHENANDOAH — A food pantry in Schuylkill County must find a new home after a church reportedly ended its relationship with a nonprofit group.

People in Shenandoah stood in line waiting for a bit of something to eat for Thanksgiving.  While they waited they got notices that the food pantry must find a new home.

Jason Schally of Schuylkill Community Action said St. Stephens Church will no longer allow the parish hall to be used as a food pantry for his organization.

“Due to the costs associated with hosting the food pantry, the parish decided not to renew our agreement for the year. If they want to save a couple of bucks we’re super grateful of what they’ve done to us, for us for many years.”

Now officials of Schuylkill Community Action must find a new home for the food pantry.

Denise Shedrick is disappointed with church leaders.

“I think it’s pathetic but maybe they should ask the pastor on Cherry Street, I am sure she would help because she offers free lunches on the last Saturday of the month.” Shedrick explained.

Christina Puzak was in line for a helping hand.

“They cut food stamps and of course there is going to be people here, there’s no jobs around. You can’t find work anywhere,” Puzak said.

Schuylkill Community Action depends on volunteers to run its 18 food pantries.

John Alcaraz said he’s one of those giving his time.

“I enjoy doing it, we’re all volunteers, we’re all friends and we help out each other.”

If you’re a property owner and want to help the folks at Schuylkill Community Action, you can find contact information here.