Animal Hoarding Under Investigation

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POTTSVILLE — A case of animal hoarding is under investigation in Schuylkill County.

SPCA officials say 12 dogs, eight cats and two chinchillas were found living in a house of filth in Pottsville in a home on North Centre Street.

“It was covered in fecal matter from stair to step to sofa,” said Dana Mansell of the Hillside SPCA.  “The smell was unreal. It was almost unbearable to be in there.”

Some of the animals were taken to a vet.

“One dog had an issue on his butt. There was one that had an eye issue. There was hair loss on many of them,” said Janine Choplick of the Hillside SPCA.

The animals, owner turned her pets over to the Hillside SPCA near Pottsville.

“They came in they were full of fecal matter. We were so distraught, it was extremely emotional,” said Kay Lubold of the Hillside SPCA. “They were so hungry that they gobbled their food, it was almost like they inhaled it.”

SPCA officials say the owner who’s under investigation for animal cruelty showed signs of what it was like to not take care of her pets.

“Fecal matter caked to the bottom of her pants, her shoes were caked in fecal matter as well,” said Mansell.

Most of the animals are available for adoption at the Hillside SPCA.


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