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UPDATE: School Bus Rolls, Driver Cited

Posted on: 8:49 am, November 26, 2013, by

VALLEY TOWNSHIP — Authorities in Montour County said a school bus went off the road in slick conditions caused by snow Tuesday morning.

According to troopers, the bus was going around a corner around 7:45 a.m. The road had a coating of snow and was slushy. The bus went over an embankment, flipping onto its side.

The driver of the school bus has been cited for driving too fast for conditions.

Several students were taken to a hospital after the bus slid on a road outside Danville.

State police say 14 students were on that bus which was headed to the Columbia Montour Vo-Tech.  All of the students and the bus driver were taken to Geisinger Medical Center near Danville as a precaution.  Three of those students were admitted and are in fair condition.

State police say a bus driver was going too fast for conditions when he tried to make a turn on Klein Road near Danville.  The bus carrying 14 high school students from Danville area went over an embankment.  Everyone on the bus was taken to the hospital.

Marlene Gunther lives down the road from where the crash happened and has two sons in high school.

“It’s scary to know that you entrust your children to go on the school bus and that they’re going to be safe and that happens.  It’s just really scary,” Gunther said.

Investigators say the bus was headed to Columbia Montour Vo-Tech near Bloomsburg.  Danville Area school officials say bad weather was not expected until later in the day.  But according to state police, slick roads played a role in the bus crash.

Kim Celona lives near where the crash happened and drives on Klein Road every day.

“The schools debate about closing, should they close, it’s just a little bit of snow.  But as we can see, a little bit of snow, something like that can happen.”

Some people who live in the area believe the road is so dangerous that they won’t drive there when the weather is like this, and they can’t believe a school bus would either.

“Klein Road does not have guiderails.  So I think it’s a really unsafe road.  You don’t know who’s coming around the other side of that hairpin turn,” Gunther said.

“It’s a narrow road.  It’s a very sharp turn and there’s not really any guard rail there.  That makes it a little scary.  Even under good conditions, I take my time driving,” Celona said.

A representative for Geisinger Medical Center says three of the students were admitted and are in fair condition.  Everyone else was treated and released.


  • mdog says:

    PA. Roads are the poorest designed roads in the nation, along
    with the up and down temps freezing rain,snow, sleet ect. ive personally had my rear bumper torn off by a lady who was originally in front of me.
    Then the State Police Officer actually Fell on his Keyster just walking up to the scene. Our Bus Drivers are Brave and should be Saluted. Lucky he he only flipped and a total roll over. God Bless.

  • Ryan P. CMAVTS Student says:

    I am a student at Columbia-Montour Area Vo-Tech and I live in Danville, Calvin is a great bus driver and is always safe at his driving with students. I have rode his bus and have sat up front so I know how he drives. He is always kind. I highly doubt that he would do anything to hurt anybody. The school should have had a delay and the routes should have been checked. DO NOT GET MAD AT THE BUS DRIVER!!! Two out of the three students that were admitted to the hospital are like family to me, the other is a cool person, not for a second did I think it was Calvin’s fault.

    • Ryan P. CMAVTS Student says:

      Also it is not Vo-Techs fault for not delaying us. It is up to the home school that is sending us, Danville high school did not have school due to the thanks giving break so they could not give an opinion about the roads, it is completely the weather to blame for this.

  • Madi says:

    coffee, you have no idea how to drive a bus. That man was an expert. They should’ve just canceled school and non of this would’ve happen. Its the weather. If you slip on ice, your on ice, you can’t just automatically stop on ice.

  • Madi says:

    About 10 of the people on that bus were people who I know, talk to, and care about. Everyone who I talked to said he wasn’t going fast at all and tried preventing this but if you hit ice, there isn’t much you can do. I rode that bus the last two years, that bus driver never speeds, and never meant to hurt anyone. That man is one of the sweetest men I know. You all act like you’re professionals at driving a school bus, try it sometime in the snow, on an icy windy back road. I guarantee the same thing would happen to you. Ever tell someone ‘don’t judge a book by it’s cover’? Maybe you should take your own advise considering that’s what you’re all doing. The school board or whoever should’ve taken it into consideration to double check the routes the buses have to take. That road definitely isn’t an easy road to travel, even in the summer. Don’t bash the bus driver. Its his job and he did the best he could. Image if your children were on that bus, you wouldn’t be saying anything that your saying now if that was you or your children.

  • Concerned Father. says:

    Superintendant should be fired for that accident, It’s his call to cancel because of the weather. Shame on him. Crestwood school district should have cancelled also. They care so much about our kids safety when it comes to terrorism and lone gunmen, but they put our kids at risk on icy roads when it could be just as deadly. Shame on you Crestwood! I drove to work that morning and it was bad. I was almost in an accident that morning and I passed an accident scene too. Utter irresponsibility to not wait for proper road treatment. What were you thinking? Where do you get your information? very upset about this!

  • chet bugaski says:

    These posts have to be a joke. Did anyone see the bus on its side? That driver should be fired.

    • Felicia says:

      No the bus driver should not be fired. He didn’t do anything wrong. The Valley township supervisor should be fired for not taken care of the roads. They didn’t even touch that road when the accident happened. An sin e when is 15 mph going to fast???? Really…. The EMT even slipped and fell on the icy road does the mean he was walking to fast???

    • Ryan P. CMAVTS Student says:

      That bus driver should not be fired, he is a great bus driver and I like to see you to try to keep a 14 foot bus that is about 25,000 pounds under control on ice then tell me what you could have done. I have rode Calvin’s bus and he is always careful.

  • glad to see that so many back the driver. Can’t help but add that I don’t think I’ve heard about ANY accident person or persons that were NOT cited. This is how the district gets its money to pay the crooked reps here in Pa.

  • MaKayla Winders Cmvt student. says:

    Calvin shouldnt of gotten anything. He was doing his job even though we shouldnt of even had school today or at least we should of had a delay.Blame the school and valley township,not him. Hes one of the most caring men on this planet and im proud to call Calvin my bus driver.

  • Donnie says:

    Ok I want 2 thank everybody 4 being behind my dad. WNEP is not saying the truth. He did not get cited. He fells bad about the accident and the kids getting hurt. I want 16 to call and talk 2 my dad and let him say his story. He loves being a bus driver, and all the kids on his bus love him. So Thank You Everybody for your support. I want 16 to call (570) 437-3707. Thank You Donnie

    • dale says:

      I agee with you,I hope channel 16 should take that back about being cited..I hope things get straighten around..I too drive bus and I feel horiable for your dad..I have been driving for 8 years and I love it..the weather is very scarey and I am always thankful for snow days…no job is worth driving on ice….i do hope things get better…I hope this helps..

    • Tom R says:

      This forum is probably the last place I would leave my phone number.

    • Ryan P. CMAVTS Student says:

      Donnie, I am on you and your dad’s side. Calvin is a wonderful bus driver. I have been on his bus plenty of times and have witnessed that he is a very careful driver. I will do everything in my power to defend him.

  • Tiffany says:

    The road that this accident occurred on is a horrid road to travel when slick. The main road that it connects to ( RT 642 ) was slick and icy at 1030 this morning. I can just imagine how that road was at 745. The driver of that bus is one of the best drivers this district has. He has always been kind and generous to the kids and is always following all precautions and rules. I think it’s a load of bull that he is being charged. Look at how these districts are run now a days! Just a few years ago they made the kids go to school during a nasty ice storm. My oldest was stuck on washingtonville hill on the bus for over 2 hours that day! Officials lack common knowledge and sense. The townships do not do anything to any of the back roads in or around Danville until after the snow has finished falling. or its later in the day. So blame the school officials and the townships. Not the driver.

  • Hey People ACCIDENTS HAPPEN! especially in bad weather instead of bashing the driver lets look at the condition of the road there in valley township it is always a mess, also up there were it is liberty township but drive past the supervisors houses and the roads are clear(imagine that) but more importantly why in the world didnt Danville cancel those classes at the minimum a 2 hour delay oh thats right Danville schools were off i guess they dropped the ball when it came to the kids that attend vo-tech SHAME ON YOU DANVILLE SCHOOL BOARD!!!

  • Previous votech student says:

    I was a student of CMAVTS two years ago I had been a student on Calvin’s bus he is in no means a bad bus driver! He is one of the safest and nicest bus drivers you will ever meet. I know for a fact he would never ever put any kids in danger! He is not only a wonderful bus driver but also a wonderful man! People should really not be blaming him for any of this I believe the students that were riding that bus know way more than anyone else out there and they say he wasn’t going fast all then he surely wasn’t! Calvin doesn’t deserve any of this… And he will have plenty of uppity behind him if he does get cited!! A lot of people will be there behind him! This could happen to any human being even a state police officer and I am sure if it happened to them they wouldn’t be cited for it! Calvin we all are behind you so don’t let those low life’s out there get you down you have plenty of people who love you and know what a wonderful guy and bus driver you are!

  • Nappleman says:

    I was on that bus and there was no way that he was speeding around that turn. He did everything he could to stop but he couldn’t stop it. If anybody here knows who the driver is you will do anything possible to keep the kids on thy bus safe. AND IF ANYBODY SHOULDBE BLAMED IT SHOULD BE THE TOWNSHIP FOR NOT DOING ANYTHING TO THAT ROAD!!! So don’t blame the driver when it wasn’t his fault and him being cited is a load of bull!!!

  • Felicia says:

    People shouldn’t be blaming the bus driver they should be blaming Valley township for not taking care of the roads in the morning before the buses are out on the road to pick up the kids. That township didnt put sinders on that part of the road until after the accident. The bus driver was only going 15 mph so I would like to know dust how much slower do they think a person should drive. The road was so slippery where that accident happened even an EMT slipped and fell on the icy road. How comes no one wants too put the blame on the people who really are to blame and thats the township!

  • debra says:

    The school should be cited as well it should have been cancelled. Bus drivers can only do their jobs outs up to the schools to cancel when bad weather hits.

  • lori says:

    Thanking God my daughter wasn’t on her bus when this happened. I had ice covered roads at 6am going to work! Look at the school not at the driver!

  • Amanda says:

    In all honesty, I am a high school student and the school that I go to does not allow any students to walk to school in any condition of weather, either if it’s rain or shine. I believe students can be drove there by their parents if they’re late. I’m just happy that none of the students died!

  • rusty says:

    Many years ago a school bus I was supposed to be on was rear ended by a tractor trailer in the fog. Kids sitting behind the rear wheels were thrown forward and were bruised and cut but had they been seat belted in they would have been crushed. I have been driving bus for many years, and have never seen seat belts on any bus even a new bus. the only reason for seat belts on a bus is to keep unruly kids in their seat. School buses don’t need 4 wheel drive. Most new buses have automatic chains. But even chains don’t help steer a bus on icy roads.
    That driver could have been doing 5mph and still have slid off the road.
    I saw that bus and driver about 20 min. before his accident and observed him make a difficult turn around he’s a pro.

  • Wendy says:

    OK, I have been a school bus driver for 27 years, it is not the fault of the driver that the roads were the way they were, yes u might see a few drivers that don’t do the speed limit but most of us follow the rules !! If who ever is in charge at the schools would go out and drive on some of the back roads in the winter we might not have as many days that we would have to drive on them either !! I myself a few years back side off the road, it was an early dismissal, the roads were not even plowed yet, my boss had to plow with his own pickup truck a path to where I was at to bring me another bus !! I didn’t hit anything or roll over but my driver side wheels had no ground under them at all !! That day they should have keep them in school so they had time to clear the roads !!! So don’t blame this driver !!! As far as seat belts, that is why the bus seats r higher on the newer buses, for safety, out of my 27 years the only bus I have ever driven that had belts was the pre k kids and head start !!!!! AND IF U THINK U CAN DRIVE ANY BETTER OR SAFER PLEASE, we always r in need of drivers !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • dale says:

      you said it..clear ans simple..I am also a bus driver…and I agree..anyone out that thinks they can do better bring it on..come and drive…their are no extra bus drivers anymore…..we follow the law…more then anyone….maybe they should put a montior on buses to help with the kids but whatever…we can not control the road condtions…..ugh!!!!

  • I’m so sorry for all involved. I hope for a speedy recovery for all the injured.

    I’m a mom of three little girls and I’ve done a lot of research about seatbelts on school buses after my kids’ bus was in an accident last May.
    I created a website and a facebook page-just search for PA seat belts on school buses.

    Seat belts on school buses can be a reality in PA. There is a senate bill (SB122) sitting in the Senate transportation committee right now that mandates seat belts on school buses.

    We can’t change anything unless we organize. If you think seat belts should be on school buses please check out my fb page and website.

    • Nevermind says:

      After you get seatbelts on the bus make sure you are on the bus every day so if there is an emergency you can get all of those poor little ones unbuckled and off the bus safely.Oh and if there is a fire God help you because there is no way you will get them all unbuckled in time. I sure wouldn’t want to be responsible for that!

      • jam says:

        I have thought about that also, getting kids off in an emergency with the seatbelts, but what can you do? People whined and cried for years about how we need seatbelts on the buses, now that there are…., oh excuse me (in some areas)…What are we to do? You can never make everyone happy. Most of the time they’re a good idea, in rare instances they’re not.

      • Kids that are buckled up are far less likely to have head, back and neck injuries and will be able to unbuckle and evacuate themselves.

        There are many accidents, like this one near Danville, were seat belts would have prevented injury. Kids in these kinds of accidents are thrown from their seats and they sustain traumatic head injury, injuries to their back, neck, they have teeth knocked out, etc.

        The American Academy of Pediatrics and the National Transportation Safety Board recommend seat belts on school buses. California, Louisiana, Texas, Florida, New Jersey and New York all have school bus seat belt laws.

        Our kids should have access to seat belts on school buses.

  • jam says:

    OK now I’m going to say this one more time, because obviously you people have no clue….Unless the bus is VERY OLD, buses now have seat belts on them!!!!!Another thing just to let you know, I’m a School Bus driver, and getting all those kids to put the seat belts on AND KEEP THEM ON is almost impossible… Some kids leave them on, a lot take them off the moment the driver starts driving…To keep them in their belts a driver would have to stop and check on them every couple of minutes…Now how long would you think it would take to get to school if we had to do that? PARENTS need to educate their children and tell them to listen to the driver and leave their seat belts on for reasons like this…Also…parents…the driver is rarely the idiot as a lot like to point out. We deal with a lot of parents who think their little angels do no wrong, and I’ve seen children straight up lie to their parents faces, and then parent go to the school district demanding for the drivers firing. ….Think about it. ALSO A BUS DOES NOT HAVE 4 WHEEL DRIVE IT SHOULDN’T HAVE BEEN OUT IN THE SNOW, EXCEPT TO TAKE THE KIDS HOME IF NEEDED. SCHOOL SHOULD HAVE BEEN CALLED.

  • Dee Hadden says:

    I hear a lot of bashing about the bus driver and the school..What about the idiots that are supposed to maintain the roads.A little salt and cinders go a long way.Isn’t that where dome of our tax $$ go??

  • Renee Koser says:

    Ok for all of u that are bashing my grandfather for “driving to fast” he never once went over the speed limit on his bus…. not in the summer an he definitely wouldn’t do it in snow! I rode his bus for two years and he was nothing but cautious. So don’t judge a book by their cover! You people seriously need to realize that some drivers actually have common sense…. something a lot of people lack! So quit bashing if you don’t know the facts. Im blaming the school for being dumb enough to send him out there in these conditions! Especially since it was snowing since 4 am. The schools had plenty of time to cancel but they chose not too

    • jam says:

      Don’t worry about what some people put here about your grandfather…Most of them haven’t the first clue on what it’s like driving a School Bus. Some people are know-it-alls..Accidents happen to the best drivers, especially in the snow…I’m just glad everyone will be ok..

  • Renee Koser says:

    Ok for all of u that are bashing my grandfather for “driving to fast” he never once went over the speed limit on his bus…. not in the summer an he definitely wouldn’t do it in snow! I rode his bus for two years and he was nothing but cautious. So don’t judge a book by their cover! You people seriously need to realize that some drivers actually have common sense…. something a lot of people lack! So quit bashing if you don’t know the facts. Im blaming the school for being dumb enough to send him out there in these conditions!

  • Melissa says:

    This bus driver has received safety awards for never having am accident our receiving a ticket for driving before. Her has been driving for many years. He doesn’t speed. When her is driving his only concern is hi getting the kids to school safely and until today he had always done that. He did not take the corner too sharp he slid due to bad road conditions. Unless you have driven a bus before don’t even try top judge. I am glad my dad is ok and the other student and I am paying for the ones still in the hospital as well as their families.

  • dolphin says:

    there was snow on our roads before my kids left for school and my daughter goes to that school and the roads were slippery here so don’t blame the driver ,our roads were slippery and they were going slow, so some of you people that are bad mouthing the bus driver get over your selves , its winter time and you all knew that this storm was coming for a while so don’t blame driver accidents can happen any time

  • BW says:

    Honestly, for how bad the crash looks here, the damage wasnt too severe. The most damage it got was part of the left side bent in and a few broken windows. Trust me, it is sitting right outside my bedroom window, and probably will stay there until they get to repairing it. Tough bus, that one is.

  • Ryan bryan says:

    The bus driver may have been a good driver, but the pieces of slum that are to blame are the school district. They are the ones who allowed buses to be driving on these roads. I hope every student on that bus sues the school for everything they have. Sickens me when unintelligent low life officials don’t even call a 2 hour delay.

  • marcy says:

    Dont understand you will complain about roads being unsafe to go to school. But not unsafe for you to run to the store if unsafe for one then should be unsafe for all.

  • The bus DRIVER IS THE BEST OUT THERE!! I know for a fact rode his bus for four years, when danville would close they would still send him out to pick up us for votec. he has never had a close encounter nothing. Honestly he deals with high school students and never see that man ever out of line get mad or speed! AND WHY DONT the people judging him go take a ride on that road! ON A Hot summer day its still a scary country road, very sharp turn and no gaurd rail. SO STOP Saying he is at fault and i do hope all kids are ok! I know even if he was hurt he wouold have made sure he took care of his kids first!!!!! FROM A FORMER VOTEC DANVILLE BUS RIDER OF HIS!!

  • Chris says:

    This bus driver for a fact was only going 15 MPH. Don’t be judging this driver if you don’t know the facts of the situation.

  • bob says:

    For all you Pro Drivers out there I would love to to see you drive a 10 ton school bus down a hill on a snow covered road!!!!! I bet you wouldn’t last a day. And by the way if you think it’s easy just sign up they are always looking for drivers.

  • Regarding the bus crashes today that were blamed on “the weather”. The blame is not the weather…which was predicted over a week ago…the blame for these crashes is on the school district’s poor decision making…their main concern is not the student’s safety…it is bringing the students in for a couple hrs. in order to gain credit for a school day and not having to use a “snow day” . Guess what…it is a “snow day”. Shame on them.

  • amanda says:

    First off he was not speeding my cousin was on that bus the road was slippery so before someone says about speeding know the facts. There should have been a 2 hr delay or no school. Don’ the bus driver he is a wonderful man.

  • Lori says:

    I’ve asked the transportation department why these buses have no seat belts. My daughter fell off her seat and hit her hear cause the driver made the turn to sharp. But their answer to the seat belts was due to a similar situation as today, if there are 20+ kids on the bus and the bus flips over then the driver has to go unbuckle every student and if the bus catches fire or something there won’t be time to unbuckle everyone. They said its safer not to have seat belts on the bus. My answer was then that would go for any one who drives a car. They should have aids on the bus for safety reasons!

  • NC123 says:

    Ironic how you all act like you never had any idea that there arent seat belts on buses. There never have been. Its not like this one bus didnt have them.

  • Larry F says:

    Hopefully it wasn’t the same bus driver caught on video driving 65 and 70 on rural roads in Elysburg a couple of weeks ago.

  • Smedley says:

    WHY WHY WHY are there no seatbelts on a school bus? WHY? You cannot say anything to me that will justify it!

    • D. says:

      As a bus driver myself for 8 years, I would never want seat belts in a bus. Imagine a fire and you having to get approx 60 or more children off the bus, it wouldn’t happen. I witnessed and helped with a bus accident this year in Jan with a bus roll over because someone hit her. The only person still left in the bus 3 mins after the accident was the driver, stuck in her SEAT BELT upside down. I understand the concern in thinking seat belts are best but in school buses they are not. Buses are made and built the way they are for a reason.

  • Shelby says:

    First off, I’m a little taken aback by the comments so far. Children and bus drivers cannot be replaced! School days CAN! It doesn’t take much in the line of common sense to know that driving is impaired when there is snow on the ground. We live in NEPA for goodness sake, this isn’t our first snow fall. Do you really think that better driving skills are going to keep a vehicle from sliding on ice?? Really?? Come on people, a little common sense goes along way. We live in a very rural area. Either keep the back roads that these buses travel CLEAR or CANCEL SCHOOL. Second, am I the only one that sees the value in installing seatbelts in school buses?

  • Amanda says:

    Don’t blame the driver both my parents n my hubby’s parents n several other family member n friends r bus drivers including my hubby. They don’t make the rules it’s te school that needs to all the school off the buss driver could have been the most careful person out there n it still could have happened.

  • jennifer says:

    God bless all the kids and driver . Someone made a mistake by not canceling or at least having a 2 hour delay …. But if you saw the weather report on channel 16 they said it wasnt going to be bad . So maybe thats what they get for listening to the weatherman … Just because it isnt bad where they are ( road, 81) doesnt mean all the back curvy roads arent .

  • Cindy says:

    Cancel school & also ever heard of SEATBELTS? Our most precious cargo does not have any seatbelts!! Where is the sense to this?

  • Ken Martin says:

    It was’nt snow in Scranton it was ICE ,WE COULD ALWAYS MAKE UP A SCHOOL DAY!

  • Mom of 2 says:

    Dont bash the bus driver!! They were just doing there job. It is the schools responsibility to cancel school and as parents we have the right to decide not to put our children on the bus!! There have been snowy days where school did not cancel but I kept my kiddos home for their safety. If you were not driving the bus then dont judge!! Have a good day! :)

  • Ed says:

    Oh boy! There’s going to be lawsuits over this one!

  • sarahlou says:

    It is so sad,for we the people of good ole USA, don’t use common sense when it comes to taking the responsibility of our children/grandchildren safety first and top priority. God gave most of us a bright and healthy mind. Let’s put it to use.

  • Christopher says:

    As a school bus driver I can understand how these things happen. We do our best to safely transport these kids to and from school as safely as possible. I am sorry that this happened to this driver and those kids. Blame your school for sending them out in these bad conditions.

  • Adam says:

    Last sentence…”Investigators are trying to determine the cause of the crash”…first sentence…”a school bus went off the road in slick conditions caused by snow”…I’m guessing the cause is snow…Seriously though, I hope that everyone is safe and sound. Very scary for the families involved.

  • Amy says:

    I see the way bus drivers fly, maybe he should slow down…..especially on wet roads..

    • Amanda Lucas says:

      Just because you have seen some bus drivers speeding, doesnt mean this one was.

    • Mary Ann says:


    • M says:

      Just like anything, seeing one bad driver does not make that so for all, be it motorcycle, car, truck or bus. Further driving the speed limit on a 28′ bus versus a car may hamper perception of an onlooker judging speed. It was ice covered snow all over the area this morning…but of course, someone needs to be blamed. Blame the idiotic schools who refused to delay.

  • JimNEPA says:

    It’s easy to make jokes when it’s not you or your child in that bus.

  • MR SMITH says:

    That is why you cancel school…..sorry if it is an inconvenience to some parents but the overall safety of the kids is what matters.

  • bob says:

    omg you have to be kiddin me right meow

    • WENDY says:


      • jr says:

        the snow did not start til after the buses were on the road so they couldn’t cancel school …… and now one is perfect we all make mistakes …. the bad weather caused the accident … slow and steady pulls the train

      • M says:

        Nonsense. There was snow covering ice at 5 this morning near where this accident took place. Schools had plenty of time to delay or cancel.

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