School Closings And Delays

UPDATE: School Bus Rolls, Driver Cited

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VALLEY TOWNSHIP -- Authorities in Montour County said a school bus went off the road in slick conditions caused by snow Tuesday morning.

According to troopers, the bus was going around a corner around 7:45 a.m. The road had a coating of snow and was slushy. The bus went over an embankment, flipping onto its side.

The driver of the school bus has been cited for driving too fast for conditions.

Several students were taken to a hospital after the bus slid on a road outside Danville.

State police say 14 students were on that bus which was headed to the Columbia Montour Vo-Tech.  All of the students and the bus driver were taken to Geisinger Medical Center near Danville as a precaution.  Three of those students were admitted and are in fair condition.

State police say a bus driver was going too fast for conditions when he tried to make a turn on Klein Road near Danville.  The bus carrying 14 high school students from Danville area went over an embankment.  Everyone on the bus was taken to the hospital.

Marlene Gunther lives down the road from where the crash happened and has two sons in high school.

"It's scary to know that you entrust your children to go on the school bus and that they're going to be safe and that happens.  It's just really scary,” Gunther said.

Investigators say the bus was headed to Columbia Montour Vo-Tech near Bloomsburg.  Danville Area school officials say bad weather was not expected until later in the day.  But according to state police, slick roads played a role in the bus crash.

Kim Celona lives near where the crash happened and drives on Klein Road every day.

"The schools debate about closing, should they close, it's just a little bit of snow.  But as we can see, a little bit of snow, something like that can happen."

Some people who live in the area believe the road is so dangerous that they won't drive there when the weather is like this, and they can't believe a school bus would either.

"Klein Road does not have guiderails.  So I think it's a really unsafe road.  You don't know who's coming around the other side of that hairpin turn,” Gunther said.

"It's a narrow road.  It's a very sharp turn and there's not really any guard rail there.  That makes it a little scary.  Even under good conditions, I take my time driving,” Celona said.

A representative for Geisinger Medical Center says three of the students were admitted and are in fair condition.  Everyone else was treated and released.


  • Renee Koser

    Ok for all of u that are bashing my grandfather for “driving to fast” he never once went over the speed limit on his bus…. not in the summer an he definitely wouldn’t do it in snow! I rode his bus for two years and he was nothing but cautious. So don’t judge a book by their cover! You people seriously need to realize that some drivers actually have common sense…. something a lot of people lack! So quit bashing if you don’t know the facts. Im blaming the school for being dumb enough to send him out there in these conditions! Especially since it was snowing since 4 am. The schools had plenty of time to cancel but they chose not too

    • jam

      Don’t worry about what some people put here about your grandfather…Most of them haven’t the first clue on what it’s like driving a School Bus. Some people are know-it-alls..Accidents happen to the best drivers, especially in the snow…I’m just glad everyone will be ok..

  • Renee Koser

    Ok for all of u that are bashing my grandfather for “driving to fast” he never once went over the speed limit on his bus…. not in the summer an he definitely wouldn’t do it in snow! I rode his bus for two years and he was nothing but cautious. So don’t judge a book by their cover! You people seriously need to realize that some drivers actually have common sense…. something a lot of people lack! So quit bashing if you don’t know the facts. Im blaming the school for being dumb enough to send him out there in these conditions!

  • Melissa

    This bus driver has received safety awards for never having am accident our receiving a ticket for driving before. Her has been driving for many years. He doesn’t speed. When her is driving his only concern is hi getting the kids to school safely and until today he had always done that. He did not take the corner too sharp he slid due to bad road conditions. Unless you have driven a bus before don’t even try top judge. I am glad my dad is ok and the other student and I am paying for the ones still in the hospital as well as their families.

  • dolphin

    there was snow on our roads before my kids left for school and my daughter goes to that school and the roads were slippery here so don’t blame the driver ,our roads were slippery and they were going slow, so some of you people that are bad mouthing the bus driver get over your selves , its winter time and you all knew that this storm was coming for a while so don’t blame driver accidents can happen any time

  • BW

    Honestly, for how bad the crash looks here, the damage wasnt too severe. The most damage it got was part of the left side bent in and a few broken windows. Trust me, it is sitting right outside my bedroom window, and probably will stay there until they get to repairing it. Tough bus, that one is.

  • Ryan bryan

    The bus driver may have been a good driver, but the pieces of slum that are to blame are the school district. They are the ones who allowed buses to be driving on these roads. I hope every student on that bus sues the school for everything they have. Sickens me when unintelligent low life officials don’t even call a 2 hour delay.

  • marcy

    Dont understand you will complain about roads being unsafe to go to school. But not unsafe for you to run to the store if unsafe for one then should be unsafe for all.


    The bus DRIVER IS THE BEST OUT THERE!! I know for a fact rode his bus for four years, when danville would close they would still send him out to pick up us for votec. he has never had a close encounter nothing. Honestly he deals with high school students and never see that man ever out of line get mad or speed! AND WHY DONT the people judging him go take a ride on that road! ON A Hot summer day its still a scary country road, very sharp turn and no gaurd rail. SO STOP Saying he is at fault and i do hope all kids are ok! I know even if he was hurt he wouold have made sure he took care of his kids first!!!!! FROM A FORMER VOTEC DANVILLE BUS RIDER OF HIS!!

  • Chris

    This bus driver for a fact was only going 15 MPH. Don’t be judging this driver if you don’t know the facts of the situation.

  • bob

    For all you Pro Drivers out there I would love to to see you drive a 10 ton school bus down a hill on a snow covered road!!!!! I bet you wouldn’t last a day. And by the way if you think it’s easy just sign up they are always looking for drivers.

  • Sharon Cossack

    Regarding the bus crashes today that were blamed on “the weather”. The blame is not the weather…which was predicted over a week ago…the blame for these crashes is on the school district’s poor decision making…their main concern is not the student’s safety…it is bringing the students in for a couple hrs. in order to gain credit for a school day and not having to use a “snow day” . Guess what…it is a “snow day”. Shame on them.

  • amanda

    First off he was not speeding my cousin was on that bus the road was slippery so before someone says about speeding know the facts. There should have been a 2 hr delay or no school. Don’ the bus driver he is a wonderful man.

  • Lori

    I’ve asked the transportation department why these buses have no seat belts. My daughter fell off her seat and hit her hear cause the driver made the turn to sharp. But their answer to the seat belts was due to a similar situation as today, if there are 20+ kids on the bus and the bus flips over then the driver has to go unbuckle every student and if the bus catches fire or something there won’t be time to unbuckle everyone. They said its safer not to have seat belts on the bus. My answer was then that would go for any one who drives a car. They should have aids on the bus for safety reasons!

  • NC123

    Ironic how you all act like you never had any idea that there arent seat belts on buses. There never have been. Its not like this one bus didnt have them.

  • Larry F

    Hopefully it wasn’t the same bus driver caught on video driving 65 and 70 on rural roads in Elysburg a couple of weeks ago.

    • D.

      As a bus driver myself for 8 years, I would never want seat belts in a bus. Imagine a fire and you having to get approx 60 or more children off the bus, it wouldn’t happen. I witnessed and helped with a bus accident this year in Jan with a bus roll over because someone hit her. The only person still left in the bus 3 mins after the accident was the driver, stuck in her SEAT BELT upside down. I understand the concern in thinking seat belts are best but in school buses they are not. Buses are made and built the way they are for a reason.

  • Shelby

    First off, I’m a little taken aback by the comments so far. Children and bus drivers cannot be replaced! School days CAN! It doesn’t take much in the line of common sense to know that driving is impaired when there is snow on the ground. We live in NEPA for goodness sake, this isn’t our first snow fall. Do you really think that better driving skills are going to keep a vehicle from sliding on ice?? Really?? Come on people, a little common sense goes along way. We live in a very rural area. Either keep the back roads that these buses travel CLEAR or CANCEL SCHOOL. Second, am I the only one that sees the value in installing seatbelts in school buses?

  • Amanda

    Don’t blame the driver both my parents n my hubby’s parents n several other family member n friends r bus drivers including my hubby. They don’t make the rules it’s te school that needs to all the school off the buss driver could have been the most careful person out there n it still could have happened.

  • jennifer

    God bless all the kids and driver . Someone made a mistake by not canceling or at least having a 2 hour delay …. But if you saw the weather report on channel 16 they said it wasnt going to be bad . So maybe thats what they get for listening to the weatherman … Just because it isnt bad where they are ( road, 81) doesnt mean all the back curvy roads arent .

  • Cindy

    Cancel school & also ever heard of SEATBELTS? Our most precious cargo does not have any seatbelts!! Where is the sense to this?

  • Mom of 2

    Dont bash the bus driver!! They were just doing there job. It is the schools responsibility to cancel school and as parents we have the right to decide not to put our children on the bus!! There have been snowy days where school did not cancel but I kept my kiddos home for their safety. If you were not driving the bus then dont judge!! Have a good day! :)

  • sarahlou

    It is so sad,for we the people of good ole USA, don’t use common sense when it comes to taking the responsibility of our children/grandchildren safety first and top priority. God gave most of us a bright and healthy mind. Let’s put it to use.

  • Christopher

    As a school bus driver I can understand how these things happen. We do our best to safely transport these kids to and from school as safely as possible. I am sorry that this happened to this driver and those kids. Blame your school for sending them out in these bad conditions.

  • Adam

    Last sentence…”Investigators are trying to determine the cause of the crash”…first sentence…”a school bus went off the road in slick conditions caused by snow”…I’m guessing the cause is snow…Seriously though, I hope that everyone is safe and sound. Very scary for the families involved.

    • Mary Ann


    • M

      Just like anything, seeing one bad driver does not make that so for all, be it motorcycle, car, truck or bus. Further driving the speed limit on a 28′ bus versus a car may hamper perception of an onlooker judging speed. It was ice covered snow all over the area this morning…but of course, someone needs to be blamed. Blame the idiotic schools who refused to delay.


    That is why you cancel school…..sorry if it is an inconvenience to some parents but the overall safety of the kids is what matters.

    • WENDY


      • jr

        the snow did not start til after the buses were on the road so they couldn’t cancel school …… and now one is perfect we all make mistakes …. the bad weather caused the accident … slow and steady pulls the train

      • M

        Nonsense. There was snow covering ice at 5 this morning near where this accident took place. Schools had plenty of time to delay or cancel.

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