Mountain Communities Ready For Snow

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MCADOO -- The storm over our area is especially difficult for those who live in the higher elevations.

Traffic rolling into McAdoo seemed to slow up once in the borough.  While PennDOT was responsible for the state routes, McAdoo’s Department of Public Works crews were on the side streets, spreading cinders to give drivers more traction.

McAdoo’s elevation is nearly 1,800 feet and that means even smaller storms can create problems.

“The elevation definitely gets us here and in the borough of Freeland. We are about the same height and we always get the storms if they come through,” said McAdoo DPW worker Frank Orem.

Sarah Evans was clearing snow off her car.

“I had off for college already for Thanksgiving break and thank God because I wasn't going anywhere,” she laughed.

Dan Christman spent part of Tuesday shoveling his sidewalk and said he doesn’t mind the stuff.

“I like this better than pushing a lawnmower,” he said. “I've lived all over the world and I am used to snow.”

Some people have to work in the slippery and potentially dangerous snow.

“I am a Direct TV owner, subcontractor. I do (installations) and stuff. You have to be careful on the roofs,” explained Victor Craig.

Some people in our area are dealing with a three part storm.  First the snow, then freezing rain turning to all rain.