Mixed Reviews of Wintry Mix

In Greenfield Township, Lackawanna County, some folks were surprised by more than four inches of snow Tuesday.

Marie Hallesky had to break out her snow thrower and clear her driveway Tuesday night when she returned from work.

“I put gas in it, started it up and luckily it started for me,” she laughed.

In Simpson, Lackawanna County, Donny Vaverchak was using his snowplow on his truck to clear a slushy driveway.

“I’m ok with it, it doesn’t really bother me. I don’t like being out in the rain right now, but it doesn’t really bother me,” he said of the wintry mix.

Christopher Glinton spent his day delivering flowers from his Forest City floral shop. “The roads are a little icy, but if you take your time, you’re fine,” he said.

Glinton is actually from the tropical Bahamas, but he said this wintry weather is not bad at all.

“We’re in northeast Pennsylvania, what do you want? It’s Thanksgiving, and Christmas is on its way. We need this. We need the cold weather. It makes everybody happy. “

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