Bus Slid From Road In Luzerne County

luz bus slide

PLAINS TOWNSHIP — A school bus with students on board slipped off the road in Luzerne County Tuesday morning.

It happened on East Saylor Avenue in Plains Township around 7 a.m.

Officials say children had to get off the Pace Transportation bus for about a half hour while crews moved it back on the road.  

No one on the bus was hurt.


  • Dawn Dominy

    Agreed! I heard our district – Benton Area Schools – also had a bus go off the road. Parents were also sliding all over Benton trying to get their kids to school. I know of one parent who had to call another parent with a truck to come rescue them. Of course Benton’s school board is known for its poor decision making.

  • Sharon Cossack

    Regarding the bus crashes today that were blamed on “the weather”. The blame is not the weather…which was predicted over a week ago…the blame for these crashes is on the school district’s poor decision making…their main concern is not the student’s safety…it is bringing the students in for a couple hrs. in order to gain credit for a school day and not having to use a “snow day” . Guess what…it is a “snow day”. Shame on them.

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