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A Passion For Model Trains

ASHLAND — A man from Schuylkill County has turned his passion for trains into a business.

A model train display in Ashland whizzes along. It is impressive but its owner has five others with different themes.

Jack Jones just opened his business, Winter Walk, just in time for Christmas.

“I’d like to do a coal room someday with the breakers and the mine and the Pioneer Tunnel but it takes a lot to find the things to do it with the easy part is building it,” Jones explained.

The train displays are so big they fill almost six rooms. All have special meaning to Jones. He said he offers tours of his masterpieces.

“The first room I take people into is the 50s room. It’s an era I grew up in and enjoyed very much. My mother was raised by her grandmother in Ashland and my father used to come over on the trolley and I think I never walked by the Mothers Memorial without looking up at it and I wanted to symbolize that. The Polar Express room is something I built for my grandkids because they used to read the Polar Express on Christmas Eve.”

If you’re into buying a train set or just want to see the displays Winter Walk is the place to be.  It’s on Main Street in Ashland.

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