White House Christmas Tree Grown In Carbon County

MAHONING TOWNSHIP -- This is the busiest season of the year at the Crystal Spring tree farm near Lehighton. Thousands of Christmas trees will be shipped out and sold all over the east coast.

Tree farm worker Dan Dailey said he has his work cut out for him.

"Go into the fields cutting down a few trees and loading them into tractor trailers for the rest of the winter."

The co-owner of Crystal Spring Chris Botek cut down a very special tree.  It was eased onto a trailer on the first leg of its trip to the White House.  Botek explains it will be considered the national Christmas tree inside the White House.

"You walk out of White House with the First Lady to a sea of media and they'll bring this tree on a horse drawn carriage."

Botek said it'll be a tight fit.

"It was about 20 feet here in the field. In the Blue Room they want an 18 and a half foot tree because they take the chandelier down and the tree has to fit perfectly inside."

Co-owner Francis Botek said they're donating the 20-year-old Douglas fir.

"It's the honor behind it and we don't even think of the monetary part of it."

The owners of the Crystal Spring tree farm say they'll sell about 15,000 trees this year. They'll be open for retail sales this coming Wednesday.


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