Higher Gas Prices In The New Year For Pennsylvanians

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Many folks are getting a jump on the holiday travel.

The Thanksgiving trek comes as Pennsylvanians are learning they could be paying more for gasoline in the new year.

With the twinkling lights of red and white, it's beginning to look like the holiday travel season again.

Folks at this travel plaza off Interstate 80 here in Columbia County say they're getting a jump on the thanksgiving trek.

“This is my daughter, she was over in Stroudsburg on business, we just drove over this afternoon to get her and drive her back home for Thanksgiving, back with the family,” said Arthur Deist.

But as Pennsylvanians are hitting the highways, Governor Corbett and state lawmakers are gearing up to hit their wallets.

The governor signed the state's transportation bill into law which is set to raise $2.3 billion dollars over the next five years to improve Pennsylvania's failing infrastructure.

The money will be collected through increased fees with the biggest portion coming from an increase in gas taxes.

Bottom line, starting next year we'll be paying more at the pump.

“We had better roads 20 years ago when gas was cheaper than we do now,” said one driver.

“My own car I put forty dollars to fill it up so by next year it`s going to be 50 or 60 dollars to fill up a four cylinder gas tank,” said Tonda Laya of Malvern, PA.

Transportation officials say the money is needed to cover several projects slated to improve roads, bridges, and public transportation that will make travel better, faster and safer; responses on this were mixed.

“I understand because we do need these highways to get where we got to go but it's still going to be expensive as far as traveling,” said Laya.

“All in all Pennsylvania, compared to other places, isn't as bad as what you may think,” said Deist.

State lawmakers say we could see gas prices rise by almost 30 cents per gallon in the next five years.


  • ken

    Corbett has just lost reelection, how in good faith , could he possibly sigh off on this huge tax increase? Folks in the real world are having enough trouble making ends meet, the elite in Harrisburg are for only lining their own pockets, what a shame!Let’s cut their pay and shameful benefits, that would be a good start! We need to clean up the greedy thugs in Harrisburg now! They sure aren’t special, they may think they are, they are not! Happy traveling!!

  • Mike

    The gas companies who are making billions driving on and destroying our roads should be the ones fixing the roads. Corbett, you are so outta here.

  • Curt

    Let’s cut politician pay in Harrisburg by 15%. They are 2nd highest paid in the US and do little work. Lets cut out there pre diem they get what a wasted money is that. Lets cut out the governors appointment to jobs what a waste of money. There are ways to find this money but they don’t care.What they just did is close the doors on business too. With the cost of gas/desil going up. We had the 2nd highest gas tax in the U.S.

  • Disgruntled PA Driver

    Why should I pay for YOUR mistakes??? You knew the infrastructure was going to fail 10 years ago when it could have been repaired to be in place for 50 more years! But now we need to pay higher taxes to replace everything because like most Pennsylvania problems, we just put a band-aid on it! Kudos to you Gov. Corbett!

  • Amy

    I understand that we need to fix our infrastructure, but the money needs to come from somewhere else, the poor middle class is becoming just that, poorer and poorer as we have to bear the burden of everything!

  • Jaclyn

    What happened to all the casino revenue $? I know some goes to senior citizens, which is fine but orginally wasn’t some $ suppose to go to roads? It’s crazy people just starting to due a little better with this horrible economy over the past few years and now get hit with more taxes on gas! They know people have no choice but to pay it!!

  • Jason

    Wow, ok, so instead of being fiscally responsible and raining in rampant over spending we just say “screw the taxpayer” and up taxes. It’s the tax on gas now. Think of all the things that get taxed. Pretty much everything that we buy has some form of tax attached to it. And the government can’t do what’s necessary with the tax revenue it’s receiving?? Pure and utter craziness. I’m sure our income taxes will be next.

    • John

      I agree with u 100 percent jason and to think they don’t care about people that make minimum wage and are struggling to pay for things now they are going to keep raising things to make it even harder on all of us while them fat cats sit with fat wallets making big bucks of course they don’t care its not effecting them bareky at all!

  • Tyler

    Six cents a gallon per year isn’t going to impact you at all, and if it makes for better roads and repairs our structurally deficient infrastructure then it’s well worth it. I guess the people that are against this would rather have no roads to drive on at all. And if you’re naive enough to think this will hurt the economy, you clearly have no idea what you’re talking about.

    • Long distance trucker

      So Tyler when you go to a store to purchase an item I just delivered that now cost more to transport do you think your going to pay the same price? How does that not hurt our economy? Bridges and roads have been under going repair now for the last five years or so. Where did that money come from? Just like the money from casinos where did that go ?

  • Duffer

    The gas and oil companies this clown governor is in bed with are the same ones destroying our roads and bridges. Instead of taxing these greedy out of state companies we’ll pass the burden to the average PA taxpayer all the while our state education systems are raped of their funding. Tom “Cabbot” must go.

  • Independent

    Remember fellow voters , ” Friends don’t let friends re-elect totally out of touch of the real world candidates”…..

    • angus

      Im sorry to say,but i think this will cost him the next election!! Gas tax is the worst that can happen, all goods will go up in price!!!

  • Policy of Truth (@MassWhole)

    Though doth protest too much. Driving through PA is getting embarrassing, a few cents more a gallon to fix the deplorable roads is the only answer. Drive less if it concerns you that much. It’s funny how people think the millions of miles of roads in this country are somehow free to drive on.

    • Independent

      You must be have money to burn like Governor Corbett. I don’t view a 30 cents per gallon tax increase a “few cents” . Plus almost doubling driver service fees as well as fines and turnpike fees.

      Maybe “people” like you and Governor Corbett really should have put some thought in how this is going to affect hard working middle class families.

      Not only is this increase going to hit people directly but indirectly as well. A “double punch” at the wallet. Everything that is delivered by truck will increase in price including food, clothing, appliances, cigarettes , beverages, etc.

      The manufactures are going to pass the increase onto the consumer.

      Way to go Governor and his cohorts that voted for the law. We will remember it at voting time.

  • Melissa

    Just another excuse to take more hard earned money from the taxpayers! What about cutting the pay of those individuals in office or perhaps not reimbursing them for their travels?

    • bill

      I agree…..any excuse to be a thief is better than none! you would think you would get used to being screwed by people like Corbett and that piece of trash in the white house, but when they are gone another scum bag will take their place. We the people allow this to happen.

  • jeff struchko

    i agree john there has to be other ways to fix roads and bridges paying more for gas will not help at all we have to suffer everytime well there goes the economie down the toliet again just to think we though it be better. i cant wait for corbett to get out of office.

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