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Higher Gas Prices In The New Year For Pennsylvanians

Many folks are getting a jump on the holiday travel.

The Thanksgiving trek comes as Pennsylvanians are learning they could be paying more for gasoline in the new year.

With the twinkling lights of red and white, it’s beginning to look like the holiday travel season again.

Folks at this travel plaza off Interstate 80 here in Columbia County say they’re getting a jump on the thanksgiving trek.

“This is my daughter, she was over in Stroudsburg on business, we just drove over this afternoon to get her and drive her back home for Thanksgiving, back with the family,” said Arthur Deist.

But as Pennsylvanians are hitting the highways, Governor Corbett and state lawmakers are gearing up to hit their wallets.

The governor signed the state’s transportation bill into law which is set to raise $2.3 billion dollars over the next five years to improve Pennsylvania’s failing infrastructure.

The money will be collected through increased fees with the biggest portion coming from an increase in gas taxes.

Bottom line, starting next year we’ll be paying more at the pump.

“We had better roads 20 years ago when gas was cheaper than we do now,” said one driver.

“My own car I put forty dollars to fill it up so by next year it`s going to be 50 or 60 dollars to fill up a four cylinder gas tank,” said Tonda Laya of Malvern, PA.

Transportation officials say the money is needed to cover several projects slated to improve roads, bridges, and public transportation that will make travel better, faster and safer; responses on this were mixed.

“I understand because we do need these highways to get where we got to go but it’s still going to be expensive as far as traveling,” said Laya.

“All in all Pennsylvania, compared to other places, isn’t as bad as what you may think,” said Deist.

State lawmakers say we could see gas prices rise by almost 30 cents per gallon in the next five years.


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