Forecast Leads To Early Thanksgiving Rush At Stores

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COLUMBIA COUNTY -- A winter-like storm is arriving as many of us plan to travel for Thanksgiving, and for the rest of us staying home, the forecast may have us pushing up our holiday shopping.

The Tuesday before Thanksgiving is usually one of the busiest days in the grocery store business, but many supermarkets report that they were busy Monday considering what's in the forecast.

There is a rush at supermarkets all over our area with shoppers getting all the goods for Thanksgiving dinner.  A supermarket near Bloomsburg was packed with Thanksgiving shoppers before the storm.

"We heard on the news about the storm coming, and we wanted to get the last minute shopping done for Thanksgiving before the storm hits,” said Marilyn Shaffer of Lightstreet.

"I was hesitating to come because I knew it was going to be busy,” said Dotty Gordner of Millville.

But she didn't expect it to be this busy on a Monday, buy then again she did hear the forecast for wintry weather.

"That doesn't usually bother me.  But I know it does other people.  They're always ready to get out here and get their bread, milk and butter,” she laughed.

There are a lot of people who laugh about the stories we do before a snowstorm about the rush to get bread, milk, and eggs.  Some call them French toast stories. Well this story is a little different.  There is a pretty big holiday this week, based around food.

"What are you going to do? You have to deal with it,” said Barb Litwin of Franklin Township.

Many shoppers didn't want to take any chances with the forecast.

Giant store workers were busy making sure all the essentials were stocked, as all the holiday rush went on around them.

But not everyone there was in a rush.  While Carrie Posey filled her cart, her little 2 month old has little stress and she won't have to go out in the weather this week.

"We're going to stay home and have family come visit us,” Posey said.

The forecast has had a lot of uncertainty related to this storm but there is a certainty that shoppers need the turkey and all the fixings this week.