Schuylkill County Student Projects Saving Taxpayers Cash

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FRACKVILLE -- Some students in Schuylkill County are getting hands-on experience while helping municipalities save taxpayers’ money.

Students were busy Friday in the carpentry class at the Schuylkill Technology Center in Frackville.  They get hands-on training and some projects are saving Schuylkill County governments money.

For example, students are building a cabinet for the sheriff’s department.  Buying it could cost hundreds of dollars but the students are building it free.

“I like doing it, it’s fun and, like they say, if you have fun at work it's not really work,” said student Rob Gross.

“We look for community projects because it really enhances what the students learn here and it's added values they can include it in their resume and it's real-life experiences,” said teacher Tim McGinley.

The students experience has saved the county and municipal governments big bucks.

“Our south carpentry program did the Minersville police station.  They turned an old garage, a commercial garage, into a police station,” said Principal Cindy Stausulli.

“There were three vehicles (we were) going to take out of service, but auto body, they did work to bring it back and the mechanics did engine work and I got three years of service out of these vehicles,” said Schuylkill County Sheriff Joe Groody.

Community leaders with an idea for a project for the students should give the folks at the Schuylkill Technology Center a call.