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Update: Victims Identified in Deadly Wreck Near Lycoming Mall

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FAIRFIELD TOWNSHIP — State Police have released the names of the two people dead after a crash near the Lycoming County Mall in Lycoming County.

It happened around 2:30 p.m. Friday on Lycoming Mall Road in Fairfield Township.

Officers said Paul Kremser, 90, of Montoursville was driving a pickup truck and drifted into the oncoming lane and collided with an SUV.

Officials said Bethany Hughes, 23, of Montoursville who was in the SUV died at the scene.

Kremser was taken to the hospital where he later died.

The investigation into the deadly crash continues in Lycoming County.


  • karmic

    I talked about both ages. An accident can happen at anytime and place.Some think they are invisible and do stupid things,some drive slow in order to be safe. It would be a great idea though to do the testing with all ages to see if they are still up to date and if they have improved,stayed the same or have gotten worse. Yes it might not do anything,but it can determine on who has to have their license taken away in order for them to get back on top.

  • Jim Brony

    All you people squawking about the aged still driving – most likely would be the first to complain when you are that age and have to undergo periodic retesting. I work close to that accident scene, the weather and visibility was awful that day. There are people of all ages who are absolutely terrible drivers.

  • karmic

    I am deeply sadden by this tragic accident. No one should be judging on hhow people should drive. I am in the young generation and i myself am afraid of driving. I dont trust anyone on the roads no matter if they are young or elderly. All ages have cell phones in which i have witnessed that dont pull over to talk,they assume they are not distracted,ummm hello you are no matter what. I sit here reading all of these and seeing well the guy is in the wrong or the female was,have you thought that maybe something happened with the cars? I think every year you should have to take the driving test over again. My prayers go out to both parties who have lost their loved ones at this time

  • private

    Its a devastating loss to the families and accidents do happen. Please be kind with remarks, my son died in an accident last month and sudden loss is so painful its unimaginable. Please be kind.. God bless these families for their losses. Pray for them,

    • Jim Brony

      Suing the survivors will surely prevent this from ever happening again. So being the responsible person that you are, you will be taking the keys away from everyone in your family when they turn 90, 80, 70, 60 – oh wait – what age is it again where people shouldn’t drive? And then you can drive them to their appointments, the store, church, etc. Or pay for their taxi or driver.

      • Jim Brony

        So when they have an accident at age 78, you’ll be giving the keys right back then, gafan? ‘It’s OK grandpa, you’re just 78, but when you hit 90, that Oldsmobile is mine and you’re on the bus.’ Brilliant.

      • gafan

        I say lets make an example out of all of these old peoples’ families who allow their decrepit relatives to drive. Sue them for everything they have. Then you won’t hear very many more stories like this in the future :)

    • mimi

      we of all ages can cost a wreck from somethingdumb even if we are a safe driver maybe his truck got a problem out ofthe blue my explorer went across the road i wasn’t driving fast it scareme to death i got it ok thank goodness no body was coming it wasn’t my faut we need to pray for both familys

    • Kathy Brown

      Everyone mentioning age??? Do people not understand what ever happens health wise to older people can also happen to young people? Ppl mentioning about suing the mans family, that is not even fair to judge. So r u saying every time because of age ppl should always sue any driver under a certain age because of age? Many drivers now days think they own the whole road and law while driving and never even obey driving rules such as stop signs, yield signs, cell phone laws etc. yet ppl r so quick to judge by age. So sad for all.

  • Audrey

    Thank you all for your wise wisdom I am 68 and work 6 nights a week so I know people who are 55 who can’t even work 1 night a week so who is to say at what age is safe. It all depends on the driver and there health. I ride a motorcycle also and took classes everyone should you get a new view on safe driving they teach you to be aware of what is around you and what to watch for. Death is a way of life if it is from a accident, cancer, mugging or ect. When it is your time to go all the knowledge in the world won’t help. As a nurse I have seen people come in with the same thing wrong one we safe the other we don’t why? Why were they on that road at that time if one had been seconds later it would never have happen. So blame fate. Some people know how to drive some don’t no matter what there age.. If we had to take a smart test I bet most of us would fail it and then who would drive us to work or for food
    . So before you all take our driving license away look in the mirror did you ever take your eyes of the road or let you mind wander ect. Now is the time for prayers for family and feel sorry for the ones left behind because the ones who are gone are at peace. I lost my daughter 6 years ago to cancer she left 2 children and a husband I know how at this time you need pray and love not blame. God Bless the ones who are gone and the once who have to stay for awhile…

    • robbins

      If retesting a senior citizen every four years, saves even one person’s life, then it’s worth the inconvenience the elderly must suffer for a couple hours of their time.

      • Jim Brony

        And since we will all become senior citizens some day, everyone will need to pay for this retesting with increased fees, taxes, etc – not just the elderly. And what shall we retest? Vision? Reaction time? Decision making? And at what age shall this all start? Put your money and time where your mouth is – start writing letters to your elected officials, start lobbying and secure funding for your proposed legislation.

  • Ron

    When is the government going to wake up? We keep lowering the b.a.c. levels for dui’s but if you take a hard look at the elderly drivers out there they have slower reaction times that a person with a .10 b.a.c.

    • Jim Brony

      You sound like someone who likes to drink and drive. So you have done comprehensive studies on the reaction times of the elderly compared to the drunk or high driver? Let’s shift the focus from drunks and distracted drivers to the older folks. That will fix everything. Hey. let’s legalize marijuana too, that won’t increase traffic deaths.

  • Amber

    90 years old and behind the wheel. Who didn’t see that coming? What’s the excuse this time? He stepped on the gas instead of the break?

  • Kelly

    We were told that someone cut off the Man who swerved to avoid an accident and ultimately caused one.

    For those that are blaming the “elderly man”, “texting” and other uneducated replies – just stop it.

    Maybe we should concentrate on those drivers that cause accidents no fault to age, distractions, etc. People who drive impatiently, who are only concerned with where they are going and needing to get there before anyone else, driving too fast and more – they are the problem.

    I wish our school would not have discontinued our defensive driving classes. I took defensive driving in school many years ago and it has saved my life and the lives of others many times.

    • Bonnie S

      THANK you so much Kelly for bringing out that fact… I wanted to so bad say this, but now I can agree with you, yes, this is what was to have happened… Thats why I posted that obviously none of the posters witnessed this, and about the “third” party in this.. Why I was trying to get people to see that BOTH were victims, and BOTH families are going through sorrow.. I am ALOT younger than this man, and have also been cut off before, on that same road, one time being pushed right into the other lane, but I was lucky, there was noone there.. These two victims were not so lucky.. as i posted, the article says ” still under investigation”, which means the media wrote what they thought to have happened, which it did, but they cant post a “cause” of that action at this time… PLEASE have compassion for both of these families in their losses.. I wish along with a class on driving, some patience was taught… Old, or young, people have died, and their families are suffering..Now hopefully this mans family can have some peace as well…

      • mimi

        thank you for saying that like this girl at work said about the poor guy isaid someth ing could happen to his truck just because your old doesn’t mean yournot a good driver you can bebad at any age like nurse said it’s fate

  • Colleen

    This wonderful girl was a friend of mine that I graduated with from the radiology program at Penn College. She was a very smart, caring person that did a lot for the community in general. No one deserves to die, regardless of their actions. I pray for the families of both Beth and the man that ran into her. She was an important person in many people’s lives and has made a difference in everything she did. I am truly sorry this happened and wish it hadn’t. It is very sad and it hurts to think Beth is gone. For everyone that she met Beth left a mark in their lives and they are blessed to have known her.

  • Cheryl

    I did not have a strong opinion on this until my husband and I
    were hit head on by a 90 year old man last summer in
    PA. A beautiful sunny Sunday afternoon. 90 is just too old to be driving.
    Such a tragedy for all.

  • Joscelyne

    For those of you who are saying that this man should not be at blame because young people text and drive and it’s no different…well, look at what the Law has done to prevent this: texting and driving has now been made ILLEGAL. Phone companies have put forth MUCH EFFORT to convince teens/young people it’s a bad idea. Commercials bombard us with stories of why it’s BAD to text and drive, how LIVES HAVE BEEN LOST from it (and this has been working!).
    BUT THERE HAS BEEN NOTHING ENACTED, NO PROTEST, NO POLICIES TO PREVENT THE ELDERLY FROM RECKLESS DRIVING. So, with all of you sitting high on your horses saying that this young lady , or “idiot” as some of you said (Bonnie S you biased fool), is equally at fault because of her age, I challenge you to take a look at what is being done and what is NOT being done with regards to laws and safe driving. This young woman was NOT an idiot. She was an innocent girl whose live was shortened way too soon.

    • Bonnie S

      I in no way, at no time called that young lady a “fool”. I called the people with NO compassion for the FAMILIES of both victims fools for not having compassion.. I stated examples of judging, IF anyone can be the judge, which they shouldnt.. but once again, you dont know how to read properly, your too busy judging.. By the way, the laws didnt stop a young person from killing while texting.. And it wont, EVERYONE paying more attention, for ALL reasons sure would do good.. but as I stated, this was all about the compassion for both families.. someone many of you dont have.. Its the families left to deal with this who done nothing, nothing at all, yet you cant find it anywhere in yourself to think about them… Your right, that young lady lost her life way too soon, and its a shame, I feel for her family, and know some family members of hers, and its sad.. but if you really wanted to make it better, have compassion without meanness.. Its the media, which stated as well that its still being investigated as I read it, and I checked, and yes, thats what it says.. Noone but a witness knows what really happened.. Now take your hatred for someone based on age, and have a good day.. Learn some compassion someday as well. Your really not worth my time..This isnt about, its about TWO families losing their loved ones.. Now did you get that??

    • Jim Brony

      And we all know that since texting and driving has become illegal you no longer see people doing it any more. Right. How do you know the old man was driving recklessly? Was he speeding? Passing cars in a no-passing zone? Smoking a joint? I’ve never seen a ‘young’ person do any of that. You are like all the rest of the reactionaries on this blog, all noise and no action. If you truly believe in what you say and want it be – make it happen. Write some letters to Harrisburg. Start a campaign for safer drivers. Establish or contribute to a fund for elder driver education or testing. Otherwise, you’re just another squeaky wheel that makes noise but doesn’t do much else.

  • Rm

    As a motorcyclist, I focus almost all my attention on what is happening around me at all times. I actually give people advice that they should ride a bike so the can learn to be more aware on the roads. No one in this forum is wrong. On a bike you learn to “easily” spot those texting, talking on phones, and elderly people who basically drive as if they are alone on the road ( no flashers, signals, or straight line driving by any ). Not judging any in this tragic loss of both lives. Beth was my cousins daughter. I offer my condolences to both families involved. And to all who point the fingers on here I say… Turn that finger around and point it at yourself. If you don’t think you’re a bad driver, stop and pay attention to your skills next time you drive, you just might be surprised at how poorly you perform.

  • Bob Spicer

    What’s sad right or wrong to people lost their lives. We need to understand no one wanted to die. But my prayers are for the deceased and the flamilys of all involved

  • Deborah Slothus

    This young woman was my husbands star student. Graduated with honors from the Penn College Radiography program. Rob tells me she was a beautiful woman inside and out. The entire department is so sick over this huge loss. Prayers to her family and to the family of the other victim. We need to concentrate on that now. Changes do need to be made with Pen Dot. Too many cars on the road and too many people that should not be driving.

  • Alicia

    Very sad for both however come on, 90 years old, he really shouldn’t have been on the road. Prayers to both families.

  • Christopher Smith

    Look. Everyone here is being prejudice as hell saying it is one fault or the other. Yes, young drivers text and listen to music and do all sorts of stupid things while driving, myself being guilty of listening to music very loud. And elderly people simply do not have the reaction time to deal with certain things that may happen while driving. But just what is too young or too old? Who cares at this point. It is the responsibility of everyone young or old the watch what they’re doing when driving. But even then all of this is completely beside the point. I haven’t seen even one comment on this list to console either person’s families. How about you set aside your stupid social constructs and extent a hand to those who might need it right now? I can’t say enough that I feel for the families involved in this tragedy. No one should have to go through the pain of losing a loved one whether young or elderly. But you should all be ashamed at the fact that you’re so caught up in all this red tape that you can’t even say “I’m sorry for your loss” so on behalf of at least the younger generation, I will be thinking of both families and giving best wishes to them. I’m truly and deeply sorry for your losses.

  • Amanda

    The girl who died was my cousin she was 23 years old and had a promising future. She was so smart and kind and touched everyone he came in contact with. It’s such a shock what happened and not the way I wanted to see my PA family. Thank you to those who are praying for our family and as far as what happened goes, what’s done is done and there’s nothing anyone can do or say to bring her back so there is no reason in getting upset the way some people are over something no one has any control over

    • Maris

      Wow out of all people I would never guessed she would have to go she dated my cousin when they were in high school and was very very nice to me. I still can’t wrap my head around this it is so shocking. I am so sorry for your loss and what’re you to know that I am praying for your family.

  • Melanie Driscoll

    Accidents do happen! Cherish those that you love and stop speaking ill of the deceased. Haven’t they suffered enough?

  • Saddened

    I just want to say how sad this is. This tragic accident took the life of two people. Stop judging and stop blaming! Seriously people two people died and how many people lost someone they loved and cared for! That is what matters here…it was a tragedy no matter who was to blame! Praying for the families and loved ones of those involved!

    • Jim Brony

      Unfortunately in every accident there is someone to blame. I’m a first-responder and I can tell you with 100% confidence that in every accident someone is at fault. Sometimes both parties are at fault. Accidents do not have to happen. Taking the attitude ‘accidents happen’ is saying that we accept a preventable death and move on. ‘Oh well – that drunk and high teenager slammed into a bus stop and killed all those kids – accidents happen.’ Let’s say that both people involved were 23 – what would the assumption or tirade be then? Who hasn’t followed a car who isn’t maintaining their speed or staying in their lane? Who hasn’t been distracted even once – and found themselves on the shoulder or crossing the line into the other lane? The sad truth is – nobody wants to see them happen – but not enough are willing to prevent them. It’s always the other guy that needs to change, not me.

  • Bonnie S

    Given that none of you witnessed this, you sure are making snap judgements on what happened.. Maybe, just maybe, the idiot who actually caused this accident was texting?? I cant help but notice, once again, todays young generation will be the ones who post snap judgements, and ignorant comments.. go figure… After all, now who would have seen that one coming??? Both this man, and this woman have families you fools.. but then again, as I said, younger generation of today at their finest…. Parents stopped teaching their children respect, and to have compassion a very long time ago.. and no, Im not 60, 70, 80, or 90.. (and if I was your family I would be totally embarrassed to even know you about now)

    • Tom R

      It clearly states in the article above that a “man in his 90s driving a pickup truck drifted into the oncoming lane”. I agree that no one in this forum witnessed the accident, but I doubt a 90-year-old man was texting and driving.

      • Bonnie S

        Once again, was you there?? And how do you know how old I am? I didnt state how old.. but there was people who seen what happened, and it wasnt you.. to be this mean is what i judged, because you obviously arent a family member of either driver…not one condolence from any of you, only meanness.. I guess the “third” party involved in this knows what happened though.. I stand my ground, no matter my age, or yours, your nasty, mean, and inconsiderate…

    • ME

      yeah, but its ok to snap judgement on younger peole when they are in a wreck??at least younger people are trying to learn the roads, older people just hav emuch more that could be wrong,I say EVERYONE should have a health check EVERY year to determine if they are HEALTY enough to drive..I know people who take seizures are already prohibited to drive, why can we not ban someone who cant even think straight?

      • Bonnie S

        Hey ME, that man was healthier than myself, at a WAY younger age than he was, and I imagine even you… age does not mean someone is “sickly”.. I know many young people, all ages, alot less healthy than this guy was… But if this would have been one of the MANY young folks texting, and driving, I bet you wouldnt say throw a health eval on them.. And I have taken notice that many more “young” people are losing their lives lately… must be their texting, partying, many people in the car, loud music, and not paying attention because they are worried about their next date, or better yet, looking in their mirror being all vain about themselves. After all their hair may be a mess for the next traffic light.. There, now thats judging by age.. Take care everyone, and instead of judging this man, go hug your older family members… oh thats right, that takes too much compassion, I forgot, they dont teach that in college, home, or school, its a learned trait.. There isnt an “app” for that.. SMH at your ignorance when people die…

    • Me

      wow…if there is anyone here who thinks they are all high and mighty judging people its you! There are issues with elderly drives as well as teen drivers so to just point the finger at one makes you the judgmental and ignorant one not the other people. You want to sit here and say no one has compassion for the people who died yet you are sitting there bashing everyone who made a comment speaking the truth about the 90 year old man that caused the accident. If you were able to read correctly you would see that it says the driver was a 90 yr old man who drifted into the other lane hitting the young girl…SHE did not do anything wrong and may she RIP because she was taken from this world too early. May the 90 yr old man RIP as well but in all honesty HE was to blame for this. I also agree that after you are considered to be A senior citizen you should have to retake the drivers test…your reaction time is nothing like it was when you were 16 neither is any other senses required to drive safely. So before you go judging other people sweetheart look at yourself and your life because I guarantee that you are no where near perfect!

      • Bonnie S

        Well once again, you didnt get the point… The point was, if anyone is going to be judging this, that was an example of every accident that ever happens and what someone could say IF they were judging.. YOU, ME, missed the true point, its sad for BOTH families… I will never say I was perfect, and never will, and Im not young, nor a senior.. Ive driven truck for years, and see all kinds of accidents, with all kinds of age groups… Ive had all age groups narrowly miss causing an accident with mwe as well.. and all for various reasons..Also, there IS more to this accident, as the paper states, STILL UNDER INVESTIGATION.. What part of that dont you understand? I also know family members of EACH of these victims, and I chose to act with compassion to both, and if you call that me acting perfect, then so be it…I can see that this comment section is nothing but an argument section, and I dont have any other time for you, or this.. I chose to feel compassion and hurt for both families… a trait I wouldnt give up for anyone.. take care ME, and hopefully someday your family or friends are not caught up in an accident, not an “on purpose”, and face all this meanness.. Im not the only one on this posting page that “gets it” though.. SMH

      • Tom R

        No Bonnie S, this is not an “argument session,” the comments on this page are on a news forum – WNEP – “THE NEWS STATION.” This is what people do on local news forums, they debate local issues. Just because someone has a particular point of view that differs from your own, does not mean that they are “young” and “idiots.” There is NO arguing that this is an awful tragedy for all parties involved. May God be with them and may they find peace.

  • Amie

    They only make them retake the written test when their in an accident and not the actual driving part….driving records and accident history should show who should not have a vehicle anymore.

  • Laura

    Had it been a thirtysome year old driver that caused the accident what would your response have been? Just wondering since your all quick to make judgement because it was an elderly person.

    • Tom R

      It is a known fact that as we age our eyesight, hearing, motor skills, and reaction times diminish. In addition, as Kelli mentions below, many elderly people are on a plethora of medications.

      • TJ

        Do some research. Elderly are not the only people that take medication or have health problems. Statistics show there are more accident more tickets for driving at a high rate of speed and reckless driving caused by teen drivers. If you want to get technical, everyone should be tested over X amount of years. Remember, this was an accident. Stop the blame and pray for the families that have lost loved ones.

  • chelsea

    oh i agree as well! February 2012 I was driving to my (now fiancés house) and a lady in her late 70’s came out of an alley way going WAY over the alley speed limit, decided not to stop and crashed right into the driver side of my car. Luckily it hit my front driverside door and not my daughters backdoor bc she could have killed my 3 year old at the time! I had the right away. Just because it’s an alley DOESNT MEAN YOU DONT HAVE TO STOP! Someone who has had their license for over 50 years should know that!

  • Jim

    PA is one of a few states with NO retesting requirements for older drivers. Write emails to your elected officials.

      • Jim Brony

        I’m pretty sure a large majority of 20 and 30 YO’s vote. How else can you explain how BHO got elected not once, but twice? It’s the me, me, me generation and entitled ones that put him there, not the survivors of the greatest generation who still care about God, family, and country.

  • Kelli Miller

    I agree too! Some of these elderly individuals (with handicapped stickers) are not even mobile enough to walk very well so how quick do you think reflexes are, not to mention prescribed medications. It’s so dangerous!!!

    • Sundown

      I agree, if it were an 18 yrs old, someone would be ragging on them! I am in my fifties and my reflexes aren’t what they used to be! I rely on focus, and vision when I drive, so I am paying attention! At 90, one should not be driving!!!!

  • Amanda

    Agreed. I was t-boned a few years ago by an elderly man driving a full size pick up truck. He tried to claim we had run a red light, despite witnesses to the contrary. He pulled out of a parking lot right in to us. He hit us hard enough that rescuers couldn’t open my door at all and had to pull me out through the back of the car.
    They really need to enforce strict driver’s requirements for drivers over 70 or so. They should have to retake the driver’s portion of the test.

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