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Man Charged with Attempted Homicide After Alleged Crowbar Beating

vincent colletta mug

DINGMAN TOWNSHIP — A man is facing a slew of charges after state police said he left another man for dead in Pike County.

Troopers said they took Vincent Colletta, 22, into custody Thursday morning. State police believe a 19-year-old man came to Colletta’s house in Dingman Township on Wednesday and Colletta beat him with a crowbar.

Colletta then allegedly stole items from the victim, including four bags of heroin.

The victim was flown to the hospital and is in critical condition.

Colletta admitted to the crime. He is locked up in the Pike County Jail. Colletta is charged with attempted criminal homicide, receiving stolen property, tampering with evidence and several other counts.


  • chrissy beach

    He is a will always be a wonderful kid from a great supportive family . what happened we do not know you can’t believe everything in the paper. Why was that kid at vinnys house was he trying to harm him and Vinny had to use self defense. And is now being charged with a crime we don’t know. We were not there. I have love for the whole amily and those boys I will always be a part of my family. Free vinny

  • Unknown

    Don’t know why people are saying Vincent comes from a good home! All three Colletta boys have been charged with FELONYS- look it up at PA Court Dockets. Parents need to control their children and these parents should be held responsible.

    • chrissy beach

      You have no idea what kind of family they are so you shouldn’t comment about people you don’t know they are a great family with a heart of gold and Vinny is a wonderful kid. You can’t always believe what the papers say maybe that kid was attacking him and it was self defense. You don’t know I don’t know we were not there. Look in the mirror before you judge

  • js

    yes drugs destroy people.. but they dont make people almost kill someone. thats your own human choice. this is not drugs fault. this is his own fault. and he needs to do some real time not no petty county jail bullshit.

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