House Votes in Favor of Transportation Bill

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HARRISBURG -- The state house has voted in favor of a multi-billion dollar transportation bill that should help rebuild the commonwealth's bridges and roads.

The vote means the $2.4 billion bill will become law as soon as Governor Tom Corbett signs it, but comes at a price to drivers in the keystone state.

It calls for fee hikes on things such as driver's licenses and vehicle registrations.

Also, within five years drivers will likely pay 28 cents more in taxes at the pump for gasoline.

Governor Corbett has been pushing hard for the passage of the bill.

Governor Corbett said he will sign the transportation bill into law next week.


  • Mike

    Another RINO. When will conservatives learn to do their homework on their canidates. Promise no new taxes and get elected. Can you say 1 term? I would prefer a democrat at least you know they will raise your taxes. Please a true conservative run against this clown. PA is no longer a place to live with those running the state claiming to be one thing when actually they are no different than those that they attack for being big tax and spenders. Support those canidates that promise to repeal this mess.


    If anyone is leaving the state of PA for TX or some other friendly state please, when you pay your last registration bill or license renewal, send them also a letter of “this is why I’m Leaving PA” I will do the same !

  • bud mazz

    this is an outrage!! the Gov. pocketed millions from the gas companies to protect them, and they are the one’s who have trashed our roads and bridges. How convenient–all the hard working people must pay because the rich gas companies have destroyed our state, and have made the rich in the state, richer–my family will be moving far from this state; you people in Harrisburg are destroying the working men and women while stuffing you’re pocket’s with the last of our money–goodbye Pa–Sooner or later the state will fold–us, the poor, can’t carry the rich anymore–nice try. P.S. all you folk’s in Harrisburg who voted this bill into law and to the Gov. You will all be ousted this election–we the people won’t forget this backstabbing we just got from our rich , phony, elected, officials: we know who you all are.

    • Tim

      Bud mazz I AGREE 100% with you!!!!!! This state has gone to S*it .. Employment around this state has dried out and gone to Sh*t .. I was in VA a week ago and sae gas for 2.79 and that was right off the I95 a major major highway.. Why can’t PA do this.. They want to steal all the money we got..

  • jennifer

    Well id like to thank the good ol government of Pennsylvania for passing that gas tax law . You all have now sucessfully succeeded in killing the working poor a little more .The gas will be taxed another 28 cents a gallon which means do we buy that big pack of the cheapest hamburger that we dream about one day having or do we go to work ??? Guess its spam and beenie weenie for the week cause if i… dont go to work I cant get my healthcare and if I dont have that Im gonna get fined . How about you take away some of the state owned cars for those over paid state employees or put tattle tales on then to see if they have been idoling too long, where their at. How about we start cracking down on penn dot ,lets make sure they are WORKING and not driving around or taking a nap . Its not fair that the people who drive are only taxed, what about the ones that dont drive ? If paying the extra money at the pump doesnt kill us the trickle down effect will .Paying more at the grocery store, delivery charges . Whos gonna suffer ?? All of us financially strapped working poor people ,small businesses, resteraunts .

      • Bill R.

        To late for a recall of any of these BUMS. Find out who your legislators are and e-mail them. Then DO NOT VOTE FOR THEM AGAIN. Let themknow how you feel. My Representative for the Pa. House is Mark Mustio. If he voted for this bill I will not vote to return him to the House. I never have voted for my Demoncratic Senator.

  • Dee

    I can see all of them now….politicians and penndot officials alike giggling with glee as they think about all the money they will now have to play with……who’s pockets will fill up first? If indeed this money gets used to fix bridges and roads competently, efficiently and without flagrant waste I’ll eat my words…..

  • Keith Hinkel

    Just remember you the voter did this. Now–REMEMBER: ONE TERM ONLY FOR ANYONE. RECALL CORBETT! I did my bit announcing in the paper Corbett was a fraud, but you all voted for him–stop crying you did this.

  • Mike.

    I’m proud to live in PA. We have the highest college tuition rates in all the states and now we’re voted the highest taxed state in the nation. Way to go.

  • Janet Den Haese Anderson

    he’s counting on his constituents forgetting this when he’s up for re election. How about it people. Will we? Again, the President has put together a jobs bill that includes funding for the states for infrastructure improvements. Does anyone out there understand that the federal gov. is prepared to pay for the rebuilding of the roads, dams and bridges? And that the GOP won’t agree so now we’re forced to pay out of our pockets. Our tax dollars already paid to the fed gov can be used but the GOP won’t allow it? I don’t know how many ways to say the same thing….you people who voted for him….stop whining. This is your fault!!!!!!

  • sickoftaxes

    I drive 57 miles one way to work for a par time job. Why becase we dont have any local jobs. Maybe I should get fired now and stay home. I will probly lose money going to work now. These guys shoud come to rural pa were its 25 miles just to get to a gas station. The big stores that are cheaper are 45 min a way.


    “Governor Corbett said he will sign the transportation bill into law next week.”

    Just in time for Thanks Giving to Government


    No one will drive. that will make the roads better . its because of high tax. The hell with their traffic light cameras too.

  • John Walter

    What do politicians care they don’t pay for their fuel, we tax payers do. We pay them to rob us blind every day while they drive where ever they want to at no cost to their personal bank accounts, but use government issued fuel cards.

  • dan

    how about we start using the ceased money from drug bust to pay for the roads or maybe tax the amish for the damage they due to roads or how about the gas companies that promised to fix roads why hit the general public that is already struggling to keep their vehicles legal most of us don’t gross more than 15 thousand a year so now we are out more money some of us pay 70 dollars for inspection emissions and 100 or better for registration and the higher the gas goes the less we travel and the worse the economy gets pay attention.

  • Christy Moffett

    call and write to the governor – tell him how much it will hurt the economy, and we can’t afford this. balance the budget instead!

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