Catching Fire Has Fans Fired Up

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MOOSIC -- Excitement spread like a wildfire at Cinemark in Moosic as the second installment of the Hunger Games franchise premiered.

Catching Fire caught a big turnout with moviegoers decked out as characters.

“Oh my gosh I`m so excited. This is my first midnight premiere, and I`m excited it`s this movie,” said Abigail Kolessar of Exeter.

Most came out dressed as the movie`s star, teenage heroine Katniss Everdeen, to watch her flex her bow and arrow.

“Katniss, she is such, I love how strong and independent she is, I respect her so much,” said Alexia Mazzarella of Pittston.

The Hunger Games series is based on the book trilogy written by Suzanne Collins where each year two tributes from 12 districts are offered up to the residents of the Capitol where they are forced to battle to the death in a place called the arena.

“Oh so excited, I`ve been waiting for like two years, I read the books, all three of them and it`s just so amazing to see them actually come to life,” said Bianca Mazzarella of Pittston.

“There`s everything you want in the book, there`s romance, there`s action, and there`s great characters, like they`re so relatable,” said Addison Orveo of West Wyoming.

“I like when they`re in the arena because I like the action, awesome,” said Cassidy Orveo of West Wyoming.

In Catching Fire, Katniss and her fellow tribute, Peeta from District 12 are on their victory tour after capturing the title of victors at the 74th Hunger Games.

But Katniss has become an icon of rebellion for the repressed populations of the district who are now itching for a revolution.

While the residents of the districts see Katniss as their savior, for fans both Katniss and the actress who plays her are people they look up to.

“She does what she has to do for everyone, she just thinks of other people more than herself, and I love Jennifer Lawrence. She`s my role model,” said Meghan McGraw of Mountain Top.