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Jeweler Plans to Close up Shop in Laurel Mall

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HAZLE TOWNSHIP --  A popular jeweler in Luzerne County is planning to close up shop after Christmas.  The owner of Howard’s Jewelers in the Laurel Mall near Hazleton announced the closing just this week.

Customers are pouring through the doors here at Howard’s Jewelers near Hazleton to say goodbye to this about 60-year old business.

Owner Mark Frumkin took over the family business in the 1970’s and a few years later moved in here at the Laurel Mall.  A job Frumkin says he still loves nearly 40-years later as he plans to retire and spend more time with his family.

"If I could make it 1984 again and do this all over again I`d trade anything to do that," said owner Mark Frumkin.

Long-time customer Ann Corzza of Sugarloaf says she just got her engagement ring at Howard’s and is upset to hear her favorite jeweler will close.

"I`m very sorry to see the store close because you could trust Mark and Mark was honest with you and he helped you with your purchases,” said Corzza.

"They`re all sad, every one coming in because we had such a reputation for our business and our jewelry`s beautiful and they`re sad,” said employee Dolly Forte.

But from now until these doors close here at Howard`s Jeweler`s the owner says there will be some spectacular sales - His final thank you to all of his loyal customers.

"I have it all on sale now and the prices are just unbelievable , you know things that I`ve had longer are priced down lower, you know that I own at a lower gold price, there`s things that are 80% off,” said Frumkin.

Rings, watches and top of the line diamonds are now at a deep discount through the Christmas season, allowing Howard's to help make one last holiday season special for hundreds of his customers here in Luzerne County.

The employees say they’re just enjoying the last month or so before it’s time to say goodbye.

"We`ll still keep in touch, we`re like family here, so we will always be in touch with one another," said Forte.

"It`s just been a great journey, a wonderful trip.  I wouldn`t of had it any other way,” said Frumkin.

Howard’s Jewelers has not yet set an official closing date.