Drivers Unhappy With Transportation Bill

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WYSOX -- The biggest impact we all will see from the state transportation bill is how we pay for it, mainly through higher taxes on gasoline.

Analysts believe we could end up paying up to 28 cents more per gallon.

That didn't sit well with drivers we talked with in Bradford County.

Drivers have gotten used to high gas prices but now Pennsylvania prices at the pump are likely in for a big spike. Analysts say we could see up to 28 cents a gallon more in state taxes.

At a station in Wysox, drivers from Bradford County had some strong words for that.

"I think it's outrageous."

"I think it's ridiculous."

"I think it's outrageous."

For Jeff Adams, increased gas taxes could mean $600 more a year. He's on the road for work every day.

"In fact, I may have to think about a different job for that because that's a lot. That's a big increase and people who use their cars for a living may have to do something different,” Adams said.

Right now when we fill up, we already pay 32 cents a gallon in Pennsylvania state taxes.  If it goes up 28 cents, that nearly doubles and we end up paying the highest state gas tax in the country.

"The economy is rough enough as it is without raising gas prices. People just can't afford it,” said Bob Larsen of Rome.

Many drivers we talked with don't question that Pennsylvania's roads and bridges are crumbling and need some work

PennDOT recently put weight restrictions on about 1,000 bridges in the state, including one on Route 706 in Bradford County, blaming the need for repairs.

But many drivers question how the state plans to pay for it.

"I think if it was more frugal with what they do, we could make due with less.  We do at home,” said Margaret Roof of Wysox.

The cost of being on the road will also go up in others ways. The transportation bill calls for higher driver’s license and registration fees.  Traffic fines also get a hike.

"It seems like everything's going up because bridges and roads have to be repaired, like the turnpike and tolls. There has to be a better method,” said Warren Arnold of Potterville.


  • r. root

    in an age where better than 60 percent of your wages go for tax dollars in some form or another to support the government we need to find a resolution to the problem. I come in contact with hundreds of people every day from all income levels and all are fed up. they all have the same complaint yet don’t form a group to bring about change. corruption is a daily news article yet only slightly investigated and barely punished.
    politicians convicted of offenses should receive twice the penalty and pay restitution plus interest. conflict of interest should be investigated in all areas. parties who feel they are being wronged should form a full and active third party to take political action before the situation reaches the more extreme level which history proves it will.

  • joe smith

    where are all the state workers working at? not on the roads they are hiding in there trucks on some back road taking a nap. I see it all the time if they would work they would not have to put a tax on gas;

    • r. root

      100 % correct but new and used are not being marketed here. and would be taxed to the same extreme the problem is not financial it is managerial

  • G. T.

    How about we tax natural gas drilling to pay for roads? I’m personally against fracking, but if they’re going to do it, why not tax it, fix roads with the money, and we all benefit?

  • Janet Den Haese Anderson

    PEOPLE….LISTEN UP!!!!! The Obama administration budget calls for stimulus money for infra structure. If the stupid republicans would bring the bill to the floor for a vote it would pass and not only supply money for infrastructure it would create thousands of jobs….You people who voted for these republican idiots including Corbett are getting just what you deserve only it’s a shame that people like myself are going to suffer for your stupidity.

  • Ann Colwell

    According to what I read the gas tax hike shouldn’t be until the fourth or fifth years, and even then only possibly. Liscences and registrations are supposed to increase too. But I havent heard anyone mention that.

  • Tim

    The cost of living has gone up soo much in PA especially around the Willia msport area, because of the gas industry we pay more than double what we used to for rent/ect, Mcdonalds raised prices on food even their DOLLAR burgers went up in price, Gas has gone up, and continues to go up!! You know everything seems to be going up BUT THE MIN WAGE STAYS THE SAME!!! and most Jobs in our area either pay MIN wage.. You are lucky to have a job that gets over ten an hour.. Gahh this makes me soo disgusted, How is someone ever suppose to live off of that.. DO the math poeple..10.00/ Hr is less than 20,000 a year.. now factor in OBAMA CARE and see how much you make after that. When are these politision going to learn. OR better yet LIVE OFF OF WHAT WE MAKE FOR A MONTH and see if you can do it!!This is terrible. It has been 2.70-3.00 in Virginia and other states.. BUT PA can’t give up the greediness. How about we get rid of the Wine ans Spirits, sell the Liquor and Beer like other states do.. We could use the money torwards building roads and stuff for education.. There are only TWO remaining states in the US that doesn’t do private sales of Alcahol and PA is one of them.. If this continues most of us are not going to be able to afford to even purchase gas.. I think people need to take a LONG Hard look at their future

  • mph34

    what happened when governor ridge raised the license fees?? that was to go to road and bridges?? where did all that money go?? and what about that fat crook rendel that robbed us blind for somany years so he can get rich in casinos? and there also what about all the money we were to see from these casinos?? where is all this money going?? to all the illegal people in this state!!! THATS WHERE!!! and half of them live in hazleton.

    • joe smith

      Let’s look at all the state workers you see out doing such a great job at hiding some where when they should be leaning on a shovel making it look like the are working.

  • jkiii

    The problem with a gas tax is everything goes up. Transportation and manufacturing of goods generally require gas. Then the cost is passed onto the consumer and our pockets are getting hit twice. If we still had the days where $1.00 got u one gallon of gas…oh, and those tax dollars will get spent on something it wasn’t intended for.

  • Bob n

    Give the state of pa more money to fix roads. It will be used for something else just like the casino state proceeds were going to lower our property taxes. What a joke. Look elsewhere for the money boys and girls.

  • Dee

    Wouldn’t be so hard to swallow if we didn’t know up front that all this money will be mismanaged, misappropriated, or lining someones pocket. Tell me how the stretch of 81 between Scott Township and Clarks Summit needed to be repaved more that once and is now again begin dug up and repaved in spots. Who got paid to oversee that original job and looked the other way? Penndot….politicians……you assume we don’t know how it works…..unfortunately we are just unable to stop it. So easy to spend and steal other peoples money.

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