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Drivers Unhappy With Transportation Bill

WYSOX — The biggest impact we all will see from the state transportation bill is how we pay for it, mainly through higher taxes on gasoline.

Analysts believe we could end up paying up to 28 cents more per gallon.

That didn’t sit well with drivers we talked with in Bradford County.

Drivers have gotten used to high gas prices but now Pennsylvania prices at the pump are likely in for a big spike. Analysts say we could see up to 28 cents a gallon more in state taxes.

At a station in Wysox, drivers from Bradford County had some strong words for that.

“I think it’s outrageous.”

“I think it’s ridiculous.”

“I think it’s outrageous.”

For Jeff Adams, increased gas taxes could mean $600 more a year. He’s on the road for work every day.

“In fact, I may have to think about a different job for that because that’s a lot. That’s a big increase and people who use their cars for a living may have to do something different,” Adams said.

Right now when we fill up, we already pay 32 cents a gallon in Pennsylvania state taxes.  If it goes up 28 cents, that nearly doubles and we end up paying the highest state gas tax in the country.

“The economy is rough enough as it is without raising gas prices. People just can’t afford it,” said Bob Larsen of Rome.

Many drivers we talked with don’t question that Pennsylvania’s roads and bridges are crumbling and need some work

PennDOT recently put weight restrictions on about 1,000 bridges in the state, including one on Route 706 in Bradford County, blaming the need for repairs.

But many drivers question how the state plans to pay for it.

“I think if it was more frugal with what they do, we could make due with less.  We do at home,” said Margaret Roof of Wysox.

The cost of being on the road will also go up in others ways. The transportation bill calls for higher driver’s license and registration fees.  Traffic fines also get a hike.

“It seems like everything’s going up because bridges and roads have to be repaired, like the turnpike and tolls. There has to be a better method,” said Warren Arnold of Potterville.


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