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Charges Dismissed, Two Released From Prison

POTTSVILLE — Charges were dismissed in a kidnap case in Schuylkill County because the prosecution witnesses didn’t show up to testify.

There was a lot of emotion in front of the Schuylkill County jail as Peter Tarbox and his mother Annette Williams were released.

Annette Williams was greeted by a grandson.

“Grandma loves you, I really missed you, I missed you too, baby, we do what we can to get you out of jail. I love you.” Williams said.

April Blair, Williams’ daughter, said the two will start with nothing because they were locked up so long.

“They both lost their jobs and my mom lost her disability because she was in a car accident years ago and they’ll have no income.”

The felony charges were dismissed by a district judge after the witnesses didn’t show up for a hearing, even though police called to remind them.

Assistant D.A. Mike O’Pake said Williams and Tarbox are not out of the legal woods yet just because the witnesses didn’t go.

“We’re investigating why they were not here and the results of that will determine whether we refile the charges.”

Peter Tarbox reacted.

“Say they want to come back or the FBI, more than welcome ” Tarbox said.tarbox williams mug

The drama began three months ago when Peter Tarbox and his mother Annette Williams were arrested for kidnapping 11-year-old Alexandria Long from her home in Gordon. She was reunited with her mother and step-father in New York State. Court papers say that Peter Tarbox is Alexandria’s biological father.

Tarbox said he wants to get his life back together.

“To tell you the truth I am glad to be going home.”

Annette Williams, Tarbox’s mother, agreed.

“I am just so happy to see my grandkids and stuff, I don’t know what else to say,” Williams explained.

The family is in the process of leaving Pottsville and they hope to start a new chapter in their lives which they say will be much happier.


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