Speech & Debate Team Raise Money for Disabled Veterans

WILKES-BARRE ---Meyers High School's speech and debate team held a Gettsburg Address program Tuesday night to make the 150th anniversary of the speech.

The gathering at Genetti's Best Western hotel in Wilkes-Barre was free to the public and included speeches, skits and music.

Donations were accepted at the event for veterans suffering from post traumatic stress disorder.

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  • Natalia Kerr

    After attending the Meyers tribute to the Gettysburg Address and PTSD fund raiser, a word of thanks must be given to the amazing work attys. Kim and Ruth Borland and, coaching staff are doing with those kids. Their dedication and love shows us all, how brightly those young people can shine. Truly, it restores the faith in one’s soul, that there is a brighter future.
    Natalia A. Kerr

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