Police Investigating Deadly Arson Near New Milford

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JACKSON TOWNSHIP --- An autopsy was done Monday on a woman found dead in a home that investigators say was set on fire over the weekend in Susquehanna County.

Did she die from the fire or something else?

The autopsy wrapped up late Monday afternoon. The coroner says Kathy Ashby-Kaminsky died of Carbon monoxide poisoning from the fire but he hasn't ruled yet on the manner of death like homicide or something else.

But state police do say this fire is a case of arson.

There are still a lot of unanswered questions after investigators said all this damage was caused by someone. The fire that leveled the place near new milford Saturday night is arson.

Firefighters found Kathy Ashby-Kaminsky dead inside all this destruction.

Robin Sidel and John Phillips have been neighbors with Ashby-Kaminsky and her husband for years. The view from their house looks directly over the home that burned. They saw all the flames Saturday night.

When they went down to their wrecked neighbor's house in the morning, they found all all the damage and found Kathy's husband Steve.  He told them he had been at his mother's overnight.

Newswatch 16 interviewed Kathy Ashby-Kaminsky on a natural gas related story last year.  Newswatch 16 remember her having a lot of spunk and so do friends and neighbors.

Those interests led Kathy to run a group on Facebook called "Not your average farmers wife. " Now it's overflowing with dozens of sympathy messages and tributes to the victim of this arson.

She leaves behind a husband, children and grandchildren.


  • Waiting for Answers

    Cause of death was carbon monoxide poisoning…, what’s the manner of death, and if homicide, is there a person of interest?

  • concerned

    just so sad that there are such evil people out there who can live with themselves after being involved with something like this. Prayers and thoughts to the family as well as all law enforcement so that they are guided and find this evil person.

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